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5 Important Eco-Friendly Tips for Small Businesses

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Environmental impact has become more important than ever as climate change continues to worsen. Did you know that 7 of the hottest years on record have been since 2014? Our planet is warming at an alarming rate and we all need to take measures to do what we can to slow down the damage.

Buying trends also show that people want to spend their money with companies that care about the environment. So, it’s not just good for the planet to make environmentally-friendly changes to your company, it’s a smart business decision too.

Keep reading to learn five eco-friendly tips that you can implement to make your business greener!

1. Reduce Your Paper Usage

Most businesses go through a lot of paper over the course of a year. When you consider most of what gets printed at your office, it’s a waste. Eliminating paper waste by using digital communication saves trees and trees reduce environmental pollution.

As a bonus, when you reduce paper usage in the workplace you also save valuable real estate by reducing the need for paper storage and filing cabinets.

2. Choose Recycled Goods

We all know to recycle our paper and plastic, but buying recycled products completes the recycling circle. Make a point to seek out goods that have high post-consumer content. Recycled paper, product packaging, and shipping supplies are all available from most reputable vendors.

If you still use printed advertising materials talk to your printer about recycled cardstock and environmentally friendly soy-based inks!

3. Go Solar

Choosing solar energy is a great option for many businesses, not only is it environmentally friendly, but it saves you money in the long run. You can estimate what your utility savings will be by going solar on the Blue Raven Solar website. Solar energy reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the environment, thereby slowing climate change.

4. Working From Home

Coming into the office isn’t necessary for a lot of positions, so allowing people to work from home even part of the time can make a big impact. Traffic is a large contributor to pollution, home-based businesses and workers reduce their environmental impact by keeping cars off the road.

5. Choose Sustainable Partners

When we choose who we do business with we are making choices that impact the environment. Take a look at the businesses who you partner with, your vendors, your banks, and your service providers; are they caring for the planet?

Choosing to deal with green businesses wherever we possibly can, will have a powerful ripple effect. It helps green businesses to thrive, and that’s good for the environment, but it also sends a message to businesses who aren’t making good choices. 

A Healthier Planet Begins With These Eco-Friendly Tips

We hope that you enjoyed these eco-friendly tips and that you feel inspired to make greener choices for your business. Learning how to be eco-friendly isn’t hard, and even the smallest efforts can make an impact. 

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