eBay: Developing Software Quality Certification

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key Highlights:

  • Creating self-service “Certification” solution to perform safe changes
  • Benefits of Helm chart templates
  • The eBay team is working on future enhancements for software quality certification.

The eBay team has started using Kubernetes Operators, Helm Charts and Jenkins to ensure software quality at the organization. The team has also created a self-service “Certification” solution to perform safe changes among the containers.

Usage of Certification

Certification is used for changing framework releases, runtime updates, operating system updates, etc. To avoid any bad releases, the certification solution brings the automated template to handle complex requests. The application team of eBay provided a detailed walkthrough of the solution architecture.

The solution has “Certification Unit(s)” which consists of application test cases, performance tests, test apps, and traffic mirrors.

Helm chart templates

Helm chart contains templates for certification units and certification instances. Helm chart and input parameters are used to create certification instances Chart Custom Resource Definition (CRD) instances. Certification instances focus on pipeline parameter, whereas Chart CRD instances focus on standard parameters.

The certification controller handles the Jenkins pipelines job, on the basis of requirement it gets created or deleted. The application team reuses the same templates of Jenkins pipeline scripts according to an individual type. 

Easy- to-use

The application platform team follows building, maintaining, and providing platform experience for all communities using at eBay. The team has achieved automation software quality certification and automated tests with certification solution, which further help team members to shoot certification jobs and configurable notification mechanisms provides instant troubleshooting. This resulted in the certification time falling from days to hours.

The platform team gives an easy-to-use “paved-road” by cutting down the cognitive load on the development team and starting the common platform. The platform team at eBay focuses on working on future enhancements for software quality certification.

The team also plans to use Tekton, which is an open-source framework that helps in creating CI/CD system, leveraging machine learning to categorize failures, analyzing root causes, and understanding future failures.

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