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Digital Badges Reshaping the Recruitment Industry

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Resume embedded skills will help employers find their specific candidates

Finding a précised and defined job in this multi-cultural workspace is getting hard every day. No matter how detailed your resume is, it’s still difficult to tell what exactly you did to earn those skills. Credly, understanding the scenario bolsters organizations by providing Digital Badges to help them officially recognize individuals for competitions and skills.

SynED, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting educational excellence, introduced its students- Digital Badge to help students/candidates approach digital credentials in a strategic and sustainable manner. Services like ZipRecruiter and Indeed, the job searching platforms are harnessing Digital Badge (AI powered) to screen candidates and match them with available jobs.

The change in the hiring process

Digital Badges provide much information for the employer to determine specific skills of candidates.

  • Digital badges enable employees to compile metadata on specific skills they’ve acquired, which further help recruiters to take a deeper dive into their candidate pools.
  • When badges are aligned with industry standards like as in cybersecurity field, they work more successful.
  • Also known as microcredentials, they are graphical representation of a person’s abilities and competencies along with verifiable description of the knowledge and activities it took to earn.
  • Badges are highly compatible as it can be visible and optimized while sharing on social media platforms and other professional networks or portals like, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.
  • They made search for right candidates easier as when any recruiter clicks badge in a profile, he/she can immediately see all of the activities that took to earn a particular skill.

Lee Yarborough, California Digital Badge Initiative at SynED said,”It’s a tool for people to communicate what they did in detail,” Yarborough said. “An employer can click on a badge and, in an instant, it tells a better story than transcript ever could.”

A boon for Industry Standards

Technical fields are often governed by industry standards as they are designed to ensure that employees across all sectors and industries acquire necessary skills required to perform tasks and functions that are common across the discipline. Digital badges allow employers to see that a candidate meets those standards.

A resume is basically a soft copy that mostly doesn’t meet 100% with employers. However, a badge allows employers to click on specific skills that are embedded within. Each badge contains an overview of the certification with a listing of the skills that are covered as part of the certification and a listing of careers people with the certification are eligible to pursue.

Joey Tompkins, a talent acquisition specialist at Sentek Global said, “Because the majority of the roles we fill at Sentek Global are technical, reviewing and verifying the skills and credentials of our candidates is time-intensive.” “From a hiring standpoint, holding digital badges for desired skills and certifications will absolutely help a candidate stand out,” he added.

As Generation Z will graduate from college and enter the workforce. The mass will focus on personal branding and will become greater than ever. Credly predicts that the generation raised on video tutorials and on-demand learning will embrace badges as a way to demonstrate skills that transcend specific job or industry.



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