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Industrial robots were first installed and utilized by the manufacturing companies to eliminate unnecessary efforts, time, and money. Today, programmed robots are carrying out assignments that are difficult for humans to perform. Tasks such as firefighting, defusing bombs, or diving deep into the oceans are a few risky jobs they have been involved in for some years. As advanced technologies began disrupting every industrial sector, so did the deployment of robots in every possible field. Whether it’s a fully automated saloon, a bank or a space program, various tech companies started experimenting with robotic possibilities on a daily basis.

It is now visible that robots are starting to replace humans in the workforce. Recently, China Construction Bank (CCB) came in news after opening its first fully automated bank branch in China. First of its kind, the bank branch operates entirely without human commands joined the increasing number of retail outlets, restaurants, and other integrated venues across China. Although the bank appeared on many front pages for its achievement, it is still well staffed with security guards.

Several questions arise in our minds as to how will the future of robotics look like, can it replace humans in their society, and will they ever be able to express emotions like us? Following context explains the behavior of full robotic automation system from partial automation and companies preferences between them. We also get to gain few insights on our raised questions such as whether robots will steal human jobs and are there any risks associated in using complete automation systems.



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