Daimler buy Torc Robotics

Daimler acquires majority stake in Torc Robotics to accelerate autonomous truck development

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Torc Robotics to help Daimler advance the expansion of its autonomous trucks.

Daimler Trucks has announced that it will buy a majority of stake from self-driving truck software maker Torc Robotics to advance the expansion of autonomous vehicles. With the buying of this stake, Daimler will accelerate the software development of its trucks with the help of Torc’s 120 staff. Torc would not be completely absorbed into Daimler but will function independently while retaining its staff, customers and facilities. It will remain a separate entity but will have the financial backing and networks of Torc which is one of the world biggest automotive companies.

Martin Daum, Board Member of Daimler Trucks stated, “Bringing Torc Robotics within the Daimler Trucks family creates a unique and powerful team of innovators to put highly automated trucks on the road.”

Developing automated driving technology for heavy-duty trucks

Torc’s team of engineers will work in close partnership with Daimler Truck’s developers.  Torc will proceed with developing of its Asimov automated driving software and testing at the Blacksburg facility. On the other hand, Daimler Trucks will concentrate on the further evolvement of its automated driving technology and vehicle integration for heavy-duty trucks at its Automated Truck Research & Development Centre in Portland. Besides that, Daimler Trucks will use Mercedes-Benz’s expertise about the sensors and automation from its car and trucks brand.

Martin Daum, Board Member of Daimler Trucks stated, “Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics complement each other perfectly in terms of resources, expertise, and skill sets. We are forming the ideal combination between Torc’s expertise on agile software development and our experience in delivering reliable and safe truck hardware.”

Utilizing Level 4 software for commercial deployment on roads

Previously, Torc had been building partnerships and preparing its technologies for commercial deployment on public roads. In the past, Torc had teamed up with Transdev to build a fully autonomous platform based on its level self-driving software. In the same way, Daimler will be able to accelerate its own plans for commercial deployment on roads with the help of Torc’s level 4 driving software

Roger Nielsen, CEO of Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), stated, “Torc’s Level 4 system has been shown to operate well for both urban and highway driving in rain, snow, fog, and sunshine,”



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