Examsnap Microsoft AZ-303 Certification Exam: Could It Be w Game – Changer For Your Career?

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If there is anything that can help the IT industry to fill out the skill gaps in the Azure architecture realm, then it is the Microsoft AZ-303 certification exam. As you know, it’s one of the two mandatory tests that any candidate for the Microsoft AZ-303 Exam : Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification needs to crack to become certified. The second exam is AZ-304 and is all about the Microsoft Azure Architect Design.

It’s a well-known fact, that this Microsoft certificate is highly prized and is well respected in the organization where Azure solutions are used in full swing. However, acing the AZ-303 exam is not an easy task. 

Microsoft Examsnap AZ-303 – How Demanding Is It?

This designation, offered by Microsoft, includes a highly professionally designed exam checking one’s understanding of pivotal Azure architect concepts like implementation & monitoring of Azure structure, security solution, Azure apps, and data platforms. In more detail, one should be ready to face test items of various types, such as hot area, case studies, build list, best answer, multiple choice, labs, among many. Additionally, there will be few questions that need the examinees to perform a sequence of operations correctly. This exam lasts for 130 minutes. And candidates need to score anything above Examsnap  700 out of 1000 to be called successful in this evaluation. 

However, being an expert-level certification exam also demands certain prior expertise. Thus, the Microsoft AZ-303 Exam hopefuls should have enough industry exposure related to networking, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data platforms, budgeting, virtualization, and the like concepts. 

Seeing this, it’s easier to conclude that the Microsoft AZ-303 qualifying exam is a tough nut to crack. 

Does It Deserve the Attention & Efforts?

Even though the facts have just been cited regarding the difficulty of this exam, that is no reason to back down. However, you should not make a decision based on someone else’s advice, but rather rely on the following arguments: 

  • It benefits a wide range of IT pros 

Azure architects are not the only specialists who can leverage their professions with the AZ-303 exam’s help. The test domains have covered DevOps concepts repeatedly and explicitly. This is why DevOps engineers can also use it to polish their skills, strengthen out their subject matter expertise, and grow the market reach. 

  • It makes you learn new skills and validates the existing ones 

Growth in the IT industry can only happen when, either an individual swells up the skills or authenticates whichever has been inherited already. And the Microsoft AZ-303 exam is here to make both these things possible. 

Therefore, the associate-level Azure professionals can take up this evaluation and gain exposure to new skill sets. Meanwhile, the Azure experts who have previously grab an Azure architect job role need this test to validate their expertise and let the world have blind faith in them. 

  • It increases your annual salary

In either case, after passing the AZ-303 exam, heightened career expectancy is a sure thing. And thanks to a ZipRecruiter research the average salary of Azure Architects is $152,094, while having more skills and motivation you can increase your annual paycheck to a total of $188,500 which is a great figure. 

The Verdict 

So, passing the Microsoft AZ-303 exam can be an easy job, if you know what to wait from this exam. And in its case, it covers a wide range of topics, demands prior expertise, and needs your commitment to weaving success. And after taking it you will have to pass one more exam – the AZ-304 to gain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.

Despite that, it’s wise to go for it as it doubles up the career prospects and let an Azure expert grasp all the opportunities the industry has to offer.

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