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A Revolutionary change to Noise Transparency in Wireless Earphones

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When Apple launched the AirPods in 2016, not many anticipated the technology of wireless earphones to go mainstream. However, wireless earphones have become quickly become the new normal—thanks to the convenience and added features it offers to the users. Following Apple’s footsteps, many companies have launched their wireless earphones and witnessed massive success in the past few years. Recently, Sony has launched its new wireless earphones, the LinkBuds. The company has termed this product as the “New Frontier for Headphones”.

Noise Transparency made Simpler

To outsmart the increasing competition, companies are introducing numerous updates in terms of sound quality, noise cancellation, battery life, etc. The newly launched Sony’s LinkBuds, however, is different from others in that it does not focus on improvements in these aspects. As many of us use wireless earphones on the street, at work, at a subway, etc., Sony has introduced a new design that allows you to hear easily hear people and sounds around you.

Traditionally, wireless earphones used a built-in microphone to amplify the surrounding sounds or transmitted sounds through the cheekbones using vibrations. With NoiseBuds, Sony is introducing a third solution. Instead of packing your ear canals with the speaker drivers, the company has created a 12mm drive in a ring shape with a hole in the middle. The NoiseBuds allow other sounds to pass through the ears seamlessly.

This unique feature is gaining tremendous attention and applauds from tech geeks around the world. Marques Brownlee, a famous Tech-YouTuber recently tweeted, “Here are Sony’s new LinkBuds. They are circular with a hole in the middle for transparency so that you can hear the world around you. And they work surprisingly well. What a fascinating solution!

Is this the way ahead?

While buying a wireless earphone, the most important feature we seek is noise cancellation. However, too much noise cancellation can sometimes be harmful, especially when we are using the earphones in public places, on a bike, etc. Thus, the increased emphasis on ambient awareness seems to be a much-needed change in this technology.

With a reputed brand like Sony developing new ways to enhance noise transparency, it is a no-brainer that some of the other major players in the industry will also look into this and come up with more innovative wireless earphones. Don’t be surprised if you see noise transparency stand alongside noise cancellation as the prominent feature in a wireless earphone in the long run!

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