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Scott Brown
The Business of Care the Man Behind the Vision
Scott Brown has spent the past decade focused on, and dedicated to, providing exceptional care and treatment to those seeking recovery from the life threatening ...
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Fight Sugar Addiction
Fight Sugar Addiction – Better Health
Author Credits, Audrey Sommerfeld, Founder and the CEO at Jump To Health Inc. Globally obesity is on the rise, and with it increases in health ...
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Alexander Olesen
Babylon Building For A Future Where Modular Vertical Farming Solutions Are Accessible
AUTHOR CREDIT – Alexander Olesen, Co-Founder and CEO, Babylon Micro-Farms. I became actively involved in the Social Entrepreneur Program after moving to the US from ...
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Cyber Risk Management
Coming Together on Enterprise Cyber Risk Management
By: Syed Abdur, VP, Product Management & Marketing, Brinqa It is not uncommon for two people to talk about enterprise cyber risk management and walk ...
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No Boundaries Marketing Group
Getting The Most Out Of Your Website
Christopher Amos, CEO of No Boundaries Marketing Group As businesses large and small across the country adapt to a post-COVID world, many find themselves in ...
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Biggest Mergers And Acquisitions
20 Biggest Mergers And Acquisitions Of The Decade
The decade saw a slowdown of many developed and emerging economies. This slowdown made business enterprises think about the strategies which are viable to sustain ...
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3D printing
What is SLS 3D printing?
Technologies of additive manufacturing known as 3D printing (3DP) are considered to be the future of rapid prototyping, small and even big production lines for ...
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A Better Way to Migrate to the Cloud
Every company I talk to has some plan for digital transformation. Most of them understand the implications of the rapidly accelerating pace of change, and ...
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Shane Mahon
Is it time for the entry level SLS 3D printer?
After 35 years of skyrocketing development of additive manufacturing, the market is full of different solutions. For the newcomer it is hard to figure out ...
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Sairam Vedam Fixing Customer Issues
Customer Service: Turn Crisis into Opportunity With Conversational Service Automation
If you think your customer service needs a fix, you aren’t alone. Bad customer experience could potentially disrupt businesses, a fact reinforced by a recent ...
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Arun Gandhi and Sunil Kotagiri
This Movement Needs A RIGHT Protection
Cloud adoption has been a “movement” as most businesses today (big or small) have one or more applications running in the cloud. Gartner predicts that ...
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Operational & Compliance Risk
How should businesses monitor their operational and compliance risks?
There are countless types of risk.  When risk management is discussed, most refer to the portfolio risk and if the organization’s financial decisions are leading ...
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