Doev Dmitry: Board Member at the VIS Group (Dmitry Doev)

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich

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Doev Dmitry Vitalievich is recognized for his executive leadership and entrepreneurial acumen. As of early 2024, he holds a position on the Board of Directors at VIS Group, where he previously served as CEO beginning in September 2021. This investment holding company is known for developing infrastructure projects across a range of sectors through public-private partnerships.


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Early Life of Dmitry Doev: Biography and Foundations in the Tver Region

Born in 1966 in the historic city of Leningrad, the early years of Doev Dmitry were shaped by his father’s teaching career and his family’s roots in the Tver Region. Shortly after his birth, the family relocated to the quaint town of Toropets, his mother’s birthplace, before returning to the country’s bustling second-largest city. The education of the future manager had a strong emphasis on mathematics, and Dmitry Doev notably excelled in physics. An avid reader, he would gather recyclable papers to fund his book purchases, a testament to his voracious appetite for knowledge. As a child, Dmitry Doev dreamt of space exploration, a dream supported by the close bond he shared with his grandparents due to his parents’ demanding work schedules.

His aspirations after high school led Doev Dmitry Vitalievich to the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, where he pursued a degree in strength engineering, from what is today known as a premier technical university. In 1989, Dmitry Doev completed his thesis and embarked on a career at the Research Institute of Precision Instruments as an engineer. He later contributed to the academic community as a lecturer at his alma mater, engaging in lab and research work. Over time, Doev Dmitry cultivated a vision that diverged from his engineering trajectory, prompting a decisive shift in his professional endeavors.

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich: Pivot to Business Ventures

In the 1990s, Dmitry Doev took a pivotal turn from his scientific background to venture into the entrepreneurial world. He recounts providing an array of services to a variety of industrial companies.

During the period from 1993 to 2004, the Dmitry Doev biography focused on cultivating the real estate and gas sectors in St. Petersburg, contributing to the growth of these industries in the region.

Doev Dmitry: Strategic Shifts in the Energy Sector

In the pivotal year of 2004, Dmitry Doev took the helm as the general director of a subsidiary within PJSC Gazprom. His firm was charged with the vital tasks of repairing, upgrading, and maintaining key gas industry infrastructures such as compressor stations and processing plants.

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich faced an array of challenging objectives: streamlining repair assets, crafting a comprehensive service framework for gas transport systems, and refining operational processes. Through strategic regional expansion, cost reduction, and bolstering of enterprise efficiency, he garnered acclaim as a progressive reformer.

The capstone of these efforts from Doev Dmitry was the establishment of a consolidated entity integrating the corporation’s repair assets in 2008. Under his guidance, the company’s workforce expanded to 20,000, handling approximately 40,000 annual repair operations. Specialists within the company also became adept at managing underground and subaqueous projects, further highlighting the impact of the leadership of Doev Dmitry Vitalievich.

Doev Dmitry made a pivotal contribution to the development of the Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS), an engineering marvel encompassing storage, extraction, processing, and transportation assets across Siberia and the European portion of the RF. The UGSS stands as a testament to reliable fuel provision for residential, power generation, industrial, and municipal sectors. Centralized control, extensive networking, and multiple alternative routes within the system guarantee consistent gas delivery, even during peak seasonal demands. A dedicated central dispatch office operates tirelessly to manage the flow of natural gas to consumers within and beyond the nation’s borders.

Under the directive of Dmitry Doev, the construction of gas distribution stations spanned across seven regions of the country, enhancing the infrastructure’s reach.

During his tenure, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich oversaw the internal development and production of key components for foreign gas pumping units, a significant shift from reliance on international suppliers. Moreover, an innovative gas turbine engine designed by the company was introduced under his watch.

Dmitry Doev, biography of whom has been intertwined with the energy sector for years, concluded his tenure with the company under the Gazprom umbrella in 2019. He then assumed leadership roles in various entities within the real economy sector over the following two years.

A New Role for Dmitry Doev: VIS Group

In 2021, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich transitioned into a significant role within the VIS Group, a corporation with a strong focus on revitalizing infrastructure through public-private partnerships (PPP). This collaborative model harnesses the strengths of both sectors to fund, construct, operate, or oversee projects essential to local development.

Until early 2024, Dmitry Doev steered the company as its chief executive, guiding it through various stages of growth and diversification. The VIS Group has been at the forefront of forging bonds between the state and private entities since its inception in 2000, spearheading vital projects across the nation.

The conglomerate comprises six critical sectors: investment, development, transportation, social infrastructure, environmental management, as well as housing, communal services, and healthcare. Under the stewardship of Doev Dmitry, the group has seen a strengthening of its commitment to these areas, ensuring the provision of essential services and infrastructure that cater to the public’s needs.

With his arrival at the VIS Group, Dmitry Doev set about refining management practices and minimizing various business risks. The efforts of the top manager included formulating and enacting contemporary corporate protocols within the company’s framework. Considering his vast expertise in complex administrative processes, the leadership of the VIS Group deemed it necessary to appoint Doev Dmitry to this new position – a decision aligned with the Group’s evolving investment strategies and the broadening of its portfolio, serving the firm’s burgeoning interests.

Dmitry Doev was tasked with synthesizing the experiences from diverse corporate segments, laying the groundwork for upcoming ventures.

Dmitry Doev-VIS Group: Major Projects

Under the guidance of Doev Dmitry Vitalievich, one of the hallmark construction projects of the VIS Group was the completion of the Khabarovsk Bypass. This strategic four-lane expressway, finished in 2022, spans 27 kilometers, extending nearly double that with its connecting routes. Designed for a traffic flow of 25,000 vehicles daily, it allows for travel speeds up to 120 km/h.

Numerous initiatives of the VIS Group are in different phases of realization. By 2028, the company, with Dmitry Doev currently serving on its board of directors, aims to construct an unprecedented cable-stayed bridge across the Lena River near Yakutsk. This engineering feat, stretching 4.6 kilometers with additional access routes covering 14.5 kilometers, will be a pioneering structure in the permafrost zone — a challenge not yet undertaken globally. The completion of this infrastructure is anticipated to significantly bolster Yakutia’s economic landscape.

Highlighting another monumental endeavor, Doev Dmitry draws attention to the Ob River bridge in Novosibirsk, a project slated for completion in 2024. This expansive bridge, measuring 1.5 kilometers, is designed to support a daily traffic of 60,000 vehicles. The project’s scope extends beyond the bridge, including the overhaul of adjacent roads, and the erection of transport exchanges and pedestrian pathways. By early 2024, the construction reached an 85% completion mark with the main pylon standing at 114 meters, all cable pairs in place, and the roadway established. The final touches remaining are painting, road marking, and lighting installations, notes Doev Dmitry Vitalievich

The Dmitry Doev biography also includes the Kaliningrad Bay bridge project, a strategic 2.85-kilometer link with an 8.1-kilometer approach that will unify the Northern and Southern bypasses, creating a comprehensive ring road around the city. As a key venture within the holding’s strategic plan, its realization awaits the completion of its design phase.

At the strategic direction of Dmitry Doev, VIS Group initiated the Mytishchi Chord Expressway venture, a 16.1-kilometer arterial road featuring six transport interchanges and 11 bridge and overpass structures. This development is set to significantly improve transportation for local communities, facilitating more efficient access to both to the capital and the nearby Sheremetyevo International Airport. As the close of 2023 approached, the expressway project reported a 75% completion status.

Doev Dmitry has also been instrumental in the extensive renovation of the Afanasovsky Highway. This upgrade will extend a 2.7-kilometer stretch from two to four or six lanes, enhancing the pedestrian infrastructure with improved walkways, upgraded public transit stops, and the addition of three elevated crosswalks.

The influence of Doev Dmitry Vitalievich also extends beyond transportation, as under his leadership, VIS Group is preparing to inaugurate two new wastewater treatment facilities in the capital region by 2024. The system in Kashira will process 20,000 cubic meters per day, while the one in Solnechnogorsk will handle 27,000 cubic meters daily, collectively serving around 106,000 residents. These infrastructure projects, closely monitored by Doev Dmitry Vitalievich, are part of a national ecology project aimed at modernizing aging water treatment technologies.

Advancements in Healthcare and Social Infrastructure by Dmitry Doev-VIS Group

The tenure of Dmitry Doev at the VIS Group has seen significant strides in healthcare infrastructure development. In 2021, under a public-private partnership, the group completed a perinatal center in Surgut. This state-of-the-art complex spans 78,000 square meters, with the capacity to accommodate 10,000 births annually. The center employs a substantial team of over 2,000 professionals and is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment sourced from top-tier domestic and international suppliers.

In addition, under the leadership of Dmitry Doev, VIS Group is advancing the construction of seven modern medical clinics in Novosibirsk. By November 2023, two of these clinics had been completed. These facilities are anticipated to significantly alleviate the pressures on the city’s overwhelmed healthcare system, providing services to up to 6,500 patients each day.

Furthermore, the company where Doev Dmitry Vitalievich has served on the board of directors since early 2024 is planning the inauguration of a SMART clinic in Yakutsk. With a footprint of 8,900 square meters, the clinic is slated to begin operations in 2025. The VIS Group’s responsibilities encompass not only the clinic’s construction but also the procurement, installation, and management of sophisticated medical technology. The facility is being designed to handle up to 600 appointments per shift and will cater to both adult and pediatric patients.

VIS Group’s commitment to social welfare under the direction of Dmitry Doev is exemplified by the Doverie social rehabilitation center in Salekhard. Catering to children and teenagers from challenging backgrounds, the center offers medical and psychological support, education, artistic and sporting activities within its 12,000 square meter complex, designed to support 100 residents.

The Group’s focus, with contributions from Doev Dmitry, also extends to housing. Its portfolio boasts several housing projects, with the future development of a significant residential complex in Salekhard in the pipeline. This complex will feature nine buildings, providing 1,210 apartments as a part of the housing rehabilitation initiative for families living in dilapidated properties.

In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug’s capital, another key project is the construction of the regional administration building. The planned nine-story edifice is comprised of two blocks covering 37,300 square meters, with the intent to create an aesthetic and functional space surrounded by landscaped grounds.

During the tenure of Doev Dmitry Vitalievich, the Pyaku-Pur River embankment in Tarko-Sale also underwent extensive reinforcement and beautification. This project involved building a retaining wall, laying out walkways, conducting landscaping, and installing lighting and surveillance systems, transforming an expansive 7.5-hectare area into a recreational space. The project reached fruition in 2023.

With leadership from Dmitry Doev, VIS Group is realizing a grand cultural center in Yakutsk, set to occupy 33,000 square meters. This cultural hub will encompass a philharmonic hall, two theaters, and exhibition spaces, with auditoriums totaling 1,530 seats, all to be outfitted with the latest stage technologies. As of November 2023, the construction of the center’s structure was nearing completion, with 90% of the frame erected.

The company recently cemented a deal with the Trans-Baikal Territory to develop a 10,000-square-meter museum complex in Chita, further cementing its commitment to public-private partnership models.

The financial growth of the Group is a testament to the effectiveness of the leadership of Dmitry Doev. The first half of 2023 saw a significant uptick in the company’s financial health, with revenues soaring by 150% and net profits by an impressive 450% over the previous year’s corresponding period.

Doev Dmitry: Professional Recognition

The leadership skills of Doev Dmitry Vitalievich was recognized in 2021 when he was listed by General Director magazine as one of the nation’s premier executives, ranked at 1585. The VIS Group, under the leadership of Doev Dmitry, also consistently garnered high marks from domestic rating agencies, securing A and A+ ratings with a stable forecast.

Continuing on its trajectory of growth, the company is diversifying into new sectors and territories, holding contracts that extend well into the mid-21st century, cumulatively valued at over 600 billion rubles.

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