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Career Launcher’s workshops to train teachers on MCQ evaluation skills directed under new CBSE exam pattern of NEP 2020

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700+ teachers trained in the first workshop titled ‘The art and science of MCQ creation’, more to follow

11 Oct, 2021, New Delhi: In view of the revised MCQs evaluation methodology introduced by CBSE board under the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, Career Launcher, the Edtech business engine and a wholly-owned subsidiary of CL Educate (NSE, BSE: CLEDUCATE) announced conducting teacher training workshops much ahead of the board exams 2022 to help teachers sync in the new process and patterns earlier in the academic year. Multiple Choice Questions is a modern yet time-tested way of evaluating student learning.  It keeps Bloom’s taxonomy at the centre yet allows the examiner to test 21st century skills such as problem solving, decision making, and creativity. 700+ teachers have already been trained in their first workshop titled ‘The art and science of MCQ creation’ conducted at Sankalp Sahodaya. 

Speaking on the occasion, Shiva Kumar, Director of Academics, Career Launcher said, “We have designed these in-depth and exhaustive workshops with break-out sessions for each of the key subjects to be demonstrated by our senior level academicians and stalwarts in the education field. These intensive workshops will help teacher to become thorough with the new pattern and process directed under the new NEP 2020 exam pattern. Post Covid changes in education processes and most importantly exams will be a key area that teachers and education leaders need to understand and comprehend. Our first workshop which trained 700+ teachers is the beginning and we aim to conduct a series of similar workshops in future.”

Sudha Acharya, President, Sahodaya CBSE Complex said, “Our teachers are delighted with their take-away from this intensive workshop, as CBSE schools adapt to the MCQ world, in keeping with the New Education Policy. We look forward to more such workshops in the future.” 

Career Launcher has over 150+ test preparation centers across the country and believes in personalized approach where individual attention is paid to all students in the classroom to ensure they internalize what is being taught. Just as students, teachers also need to have complete clarity and understanding of the evaluation process and more so in a post pandemic education world.  Career Launcher is one of Asia’s leading edu-corporates, with focus on diverse segments of education, and across learners of multiple age-groups. Led by a team of IIT-IIM alumni, with a passion for excellence in education, CL has shaped the lives and careers of lakhs of students in its seventeen years of existence. With such initiatives, CL aims to enable more students to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. 

About Career Launcher:

CL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CL Educate (NSE, BSE: CLEDUCATE), founded by Satya Narayanan R, India’s Ed-tech pioneer. It offers a variety of programs for students aged 12-30, through personalized and synchronous/ asynchronous offerings. Led by a team of highly capable leaders (including IITians and IIMians), CL aims to emerge among the top EdTech players from India who would scale globally. CL counts on two key differentiators – 1. The ability to generate results for students through a scientific data driven process and 2. Robust unit economics and an astonishingly low CAC of 15% against a massive 50-300% that exists for its competitions. With program offerings across various competitive exams including MBA, LAW, IPM, UPSC, CUCET, and International Education, CL’s result-driven approach aims to transform the career dreams of 10+ million aspirants. Over the next 3 years, it aims to engage with over ten million students from the current one million. Deployment of data science, machine learning, and recommendation algorithms (120 Edtech tools) form the business moat for CL with the ability to scale. These tools and engines help in best fit program choice, cost savings and laser-beam mentoring to deliver the best in industry results for students. Do visit  for more information.

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