What Are The Best Blockchain Games In 2023

What Are The Best Blockchain Games In 2023?

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The volatility of the crypto landscape is part of the reason it is so attractive to investors. Whilst, one moment, an investor’s wallet might hold a couple of ATLAS tokens – with the Star Atlas price sitting at $0.003 –  the next moment a shift in the market could elevate the value of those tokens by 100%. 

It’s a game that feels both wonderful and cruel, with each tide change – even down to an influencer’s opinion on Twitter – having the ability to switch up the market just as it was beginning to look predictable. 

This is also the reason why cryptocurrency hasn’t yet broken the grounds it was predicted to break. For traditional investors, the volatility inherent within blockchain creates a future that is uncertain and, at times, even unstable. Predicting the future is a big part of investing, especially when it comes to alternate strategies such as holding, options trading and arbitrage. 

The Wide Web Of Blockchain 

But cryptocurrency offers a lot more than digital finance trading. In fact, the investors who have passed on the concept have, perhaps, not taken into account the beating heart of coins like BTC, ETH or ATLAS – the same heart that gives crypto a predictable future rather than an unpredictable one. 

That heart is known as blockchain – the decentralised network where all cryptocurrencies are created and traded. There are many aspects to this network that make it a revolutionary concept, not least the freedom that it gives users to create something entirely unique and decentralised.

One of the examples of this comes in the form of blockchain games, which have begun to pick up steam over the last few years. As many as 1 million wallets have been registered inside various blockchain games, with the total number of games exceeding 400 in 2022 – which is a staggering 92% increase from the year before. 

The Rise Of Blockchain Gaming

The reason blockchain games are gaining traction is mostly due to the freedom that they give both users and creators. Creators, in particular, can start with a blank canvas. Without the limitations of third-party inclusion or company creative differences, a creator can impress their own unique vision using blockchain technology, sometimes even creating their own coins or NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) to go hand-in-hand with the game itself. 

For users, their in-game experience is far better. Whilst typical gaming systems only allow their users to carry XP or in-game currency within a single game, blockchain games allow the users to effectively own their data, meaning they can take any XP, weapons or tokens to any other game they might be playing – with the ability to also sell and trade in-game winnings with other users.

Speaking of NFTs, blockchain games have also seen a sizable shift toward the use of non-fungible tokens, with creators using them to create different aspects of the game itself – including characters, weapons and skins. NFTs, of course, are entirely unique and worth whatever the owner or buyer deems they are worth. As their popularity grows in the gaming sector, so too will they grow in other industries, including fashion, music and sports – indeed, some of the biggest companies using NFTs demonstrate the potential they already have in a traditional field.

What Are The Best Games In 2023?

With blockchain gaming growing more and more traction, the games themselves are getting better and more immersive. Some of the most popular today include:

  • Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a multi-player metaverse, built on the Solana blockchain. The game takes place in 2620, with users able to buy land, assets and a number of other items through the use of NFTs.

  • Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is perhaps one of the most well-known trading games. It is community focused and plays like a digital card game, with users having to compete against each other to earn rewards.

  • Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds does what it says on the tin, with users able to traverse a number of different worlds and earn TLM (Trilium) to unlock the control of planet DAOs. 

  • The Walking Dead: Empires

The Walking Dead: Empires is one of the best games that is based on an already existing television show. Players survive by fighting walkers, building homes and searching for resources. 

  • Splinterlands

Splinterlands is another game that uses aspects of already existing popular media. In this game, players combine Pokemon cards with World Of Warcraft characters, using them to take over realms and kill monsters.

  • Illuvium

Illuvium is set in the Ethereum blockchain, with players able to gather NFT monsters and fight other players to earn rewards.

  • Bluelight Inc

Bluelight Inc is perhaps one of the most revolutionary games so far. In the game, players can effectively start their own business, completing a number of tasks and making money in the form of digital tokens.

A Prediction You Can Make

Whilst the cryptocurrency market itself might be volatile, blockchain is changing an entire 97.6 billion dollar industry with average users alone. If it can do that, there’s no telling how much further blockchain can go in changing the world that we are living in. 

It’s also assured that, the farther it does go, the higher the price of digital tokens will rise. Investing and getting the most out of cryptocurrency, then, must surely be influenced by the future that blockchain looks set to have. That is a prediction you can make.

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