Argo AI autonomous vehicle testing

Argo AI obtains approval for autonomous vehicle testing in California

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Argo AI’s recent moves signal that it is gearing up for an effective launch of the self-driving taxi and delivery services in 2021

Argo AI, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based self-driving car startup has got an approval for testing its autonomous vehicles in California. The permit, issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, is for one vehicle and two drivers. The firm that was founded by former executives on self-driving teams at Google and Uber, conducts most of its testing in Pittsburgh, where it is cited.  Moreover, the company is also testing its autonomous vehicle technology in Miami, Detroit and soon Washington, D.C. as part of its relationship with Ford.

Argo AI is an independent company, although Ford is a major backer and has seats on its board. Ford is also Argo AI’s only customer — at least for the moment. Argo AI is developing the virtual driver system and high-definition maps designed for Ford’s self-driving vehicles. Ford has said it plans to launch a self-driving taxi and delivery service in 2021.

Other giants’ work in progress for automatic vehicles

Another major movement in putting autonomous vehicles forward in order to enhance ride-sharing services, Google’s Waymo had launched its self-driving ride-share service in December 2018. On initial stages, this service had been started for a limited number of people including hundreds of people in the Phoenix area who had acted as test users of the Waymo self-driving vehicle fleet.

Apart from that, in November 2019, Audi and Huawei also had announced to work together on highly automated driving functions. According to this deal on intelligent connected vehicles (ICV), networking giant Huawei has said to be deploying its Mobile Data Center (MDC) into the Audi Q7 to demonstrate this state-of-the-art technology. According to Huawei, the MDC would be used in “urban automatic driving environments.”

Argo AI’s Mission to make an ideal ride

The team of Argo AI is on a mission to improve the way the world moves by making rides safer, more affordable, convenient, and accessible for everyone – regardless of age or ability to get behind the wheel. In a December blog post, Argo AI informed that “As we continue, in collaboration with Ford, to work towards developing self-driving vehicles that are ready for commercial operation in 2021, it’s not enough to just keep developing the technology that will power these vehicles.”

Argo is strengthening its team for an effective launch

Furthermore, while moving ahead towards the commercialization of autonomous vehicles, taking cybersecurity seriously, the company welcomed Summer Craze Fowler as Argo AI’s chief security officer. It has been reported that her role at Argo would involve defining and implementing cybersecurity strategy for both self-driving vehicles and the company’s internal systems.

Additionally, Argo has also made an announcement that Alex Roy — Editor-at-Large of The Drive, co-host of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, record-setting endurance driver, and Founder of the Autonocast and the Human Driving Association — would be joining Argo AI as a Director of Special Operations.



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