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Fastly partners with Microsoft to power data analytics

Fastly Partners Microsoft

Fastly and Microsoft Azure platform to create a scalable, near-real-time big data solution

Fastly, announced a partnership
with Microsoft Azure. Already being used by global businesses like Taboola, the
partnership empowers companies to improve accuracy and speed of business
decision-making, leveraging big data to optimize product performance and
deliver exceptional end-user experiences.

Big data solution

The partnership between
Fastly and Microsoft Azure takes these capabilities a step further to enable
businesses to collect data in real-time from the edge, and pair that with other
insights from their analytics and business intelligence tools in a central,
integrated platform. Top brands can now instantly identify trends and patterns
at scale to make immediate, impactful business decisions informed by big data.
Unlike traditional edge solutions, Fastly provides 100 percent of logs in
real-time from the network edge, allowing businesses to monitor site
performance and troubleshoot issues as they happen. In partnering with Microsoft,
Fastly integrates its real-time data logging capabilities for automatic
ingestion and analysis of application and engagement performance.

Daniel Yu, Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft stated, “With Azure Data Explorer, engineers can instantly
identify trends, patterns, or anomalies from their ever-growing and changing
data. Joining forces with Fastly, we can provide innovative organizations with
a solution to deeply understand across their edge workloads. Microsoft and
Fastly share the same principles of speed, scalability, and flexibility, so we
believe the integration of our technologies will provide a unique solution for
our customers.”

Dana Wolf, SVP of Product and Marketing at Fastly explained, “Fastly delivers more than a three million log events
per second, empowering our customers to easily view their traffic, understand
their site health, and make the changes they need as quickly as possible. To
this end, we embrace and integrate with a multitude of central cloud platforms.
This partnership and the integrations we’re building with Microsoft are another
investment in support of our customer-first philosophy, empowering businesses
to get the most value out of their operations at the edge.”