Apple discontinues the iPod

End of 22 Glorious Years of the iPod; But the Music Lives On!

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Apple discontinues the iPod, a device that digitized music streaming.

In 2001, Apple allowed carrying ‘music in your pocket’ with the launch of its iconic iPod. Fast forward to 2022 (on 10 May 2022), it announced the official retirement of the music player and brought an end to a device that revolutionized the way people listen to music.

Apple’s iPod certainly transformed the idea of music streaming. In fact, it was a means where people discovered, listened to and shared music. The iPod shuffled music and tech in one place—it digitized music streaming in the 2000s.

“Listening to Music will Never be the Same Again”

Before the iPod lifeline arrived in 2001, record labels were in full panic mode. In its annual report for 2001, record company trade body IFPI called it ‘a turbulent’ year, blaming filesharing and CD burning for the downfall in revenue. And as usual, Apple entered to save the market at an impeccable time.

In Apple’s press release from October 23, 2001, former CEO Steve Jobs said, “With iPod, Apple has invented a whole new category of digital music player that lets you put your entire music collection in your pocket and listen to it wherever you go. With iPod, listening to music will never be the same again.

Certainly, the iPod expanded listening beyond the walls of the home stereo system. It allowed users to plug into their headphones and their car radio, their computer at work, or their hi-fi system at home. It made it easier to entwine these disparate spaces into a single personalized soundtrack throughout the day.

“1000 Songs in your Pocket”

When the first iPod was launched, it could store 1000 tracks. Prior to its launch event, the company created (its usual) hype with the invitation for the launch that read: “Hint: It’s not a Mac.” During his hour-long presentation, Jobs said, “Music is a part of everyone’s life. Music’s been around forever. It will always be around.”

The big headline for the night was simple: “1000 songs in your pocket.” And then, came the big revelation. Not only did various renowned celebrities endorse the iPod, but various automobile giants also cheered the device. BMW introduced the first car entertainment system with a built-in iPod system, and within a few years, most car manufacturers followed suit.

Adieu to the OG

Over the years, Apple launched various versions of the iPod. It has been upgraded many times where each significant revision is called a ‘generation’. Each new generation usually had more features and refinements. Notable changes included the touch-sensitive click wheel replacing the mechanical scroll wheel, use of color displays, and flash memory replacing hard disks.

Although there have been various iPod models over the years, the iPod Touch (released in 2007) is the last model to be discontinued. Apple says the iPod will remain available to buy while stocks last.

According to Greg Joswiak, senior vice-president of worldwide marketing at Apple, the gadget had redefined how music is discovered, listened to, and shared. Meanwhile, iPod fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the news and their memories connected with the music devices.

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