AirConsole Offers Free Access to all Video Games During Covid-19 Lockdowns

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A library of 150 games across a variety of genres

With the corona-virus spreading and creating mass hysteria, there are millions of people stuck at home across the globe due to the pandemic. It becomes difficult to pass the time. Many countries have closed schools and playgrounds affecting kids to stay at home and parents are being urged to do home office. Among many companies, AirConsole has also come out to help kids as well as parents to make them spend their most of time at home.

As a globally leading platform for casual games, AirConsole has announced that they will provide everyone with free access to all of their video games during the Covid-19 lockdowns. AirConsole does not require any additional hardware to play, people only need a computer and some smartphones. The company is taking the situation very seriously and wants to do what they can to help people pass time at home.

Alice Ruppert, Head of Games at AirConsole says, “Today we’ve decided to give everyone access to the full platform for free for two weeks. We know that a lot of people are affected by lockdowns and quarantines at the moment, and that many will be looking for new forms of entertainment.

With the promotional code “919 2020” (valid until March 31st, 2020) people can get two weeks of full access to AirConsole’s 150 games.

  • Play 150+ games on Your smartphones are the game pads
  • Accessible on the web, no additional hardware is required.
  • Stay entertained for the next two weeks.
  • Makes self-isolation more enjoyable.

AirConsole is a cloud-based video game console that is accessible from every home through the web browser. Smartphones are used as game pads. Like many other businesses, the AirConsole team has recently switched to remote work in order to stick to safety guidelines.



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