Is ‘Metamates’ Another Attempt at Rebranding Meta’s Waning Image?

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Google employees are known as Googlers. Amazon workers are called Amazonians. Facebook employees were known as Facebookers. Now, Meta workers will be known as ‘Metamates’.

Recently, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg rolled out fresh company values in a virtual all-hands meeting. Zuckerberg wanted the workforce to adopt a new motto (which was based on a maritime saying). Henceforth, the Meta workforce’s motto will be: “Meta, Metamates, Me.”

Zuckerberg wrote, “Meta, Metamates, Me is about being good stewards of our company and mission. It’s about the sense of responsibility we have for our collective success and to each other as teammates. It’s about taking care of our company and each other.”

The saying is derived from the naval “ship, shipmates, self,” which Meta’s CTO said was something Instagram had been using for a while internally. It has long been discussed in business organizational circles as a way to increase efficiency.

While it might sound like the company is introducing new initiatives for its workforce, this might actually be another attempt at refocusing Meta’s brand vision that has seemingly reduced in the past year.

Facebook Meta 2022

Facebook’ became ‘Meta’ in 2021 when Zuckerberg rebranded the corporate entity’s name to re-establish its public image. Since then, the company has been introducing several new methods and strategies to bring back its long-lost vision.

With the rebranding, Zuckerberg’s idea was to refocus its public image on the metaverse. Hence, when Facebook announced its rebranding, critics defied the move as one of the sluggish company attempts at distracting the public from the series of accusations and call-outs.

Is it another attempt at ‘Re-branding’?

Zuckerberg and his vast empire is yet to recover from the firestorms of 2021. According to certain reports, Facebook lost about billions of active users. Moreover, in 2021, sources indicated that Meta had found evidence that its products had negative impacts on users. However, the company undermined efforts to implement solutions ‘for the sake of profits’.

With ‘Metamates’, the company seems to be re-establishing its brand values and refocusing its brand vision. Surprisingly, the announcement came the same day Meta settled a decade-long privacy lawsuit, paying out almost €80 million. Meta is definitely undergoing an expensive month. Critics comment that the company is sacrificing its core business model in order to bet on the metaverse. Nevertheless, Meta has been undergoing a spiral of downturns since 2021. The company is, although, denying accusations and all kinds of negative allegations of compromising with users’ privacy. It is, therefore, introducing several rebranding strategies to gain back its fan base accumulated during the early years.

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