Do affiliates still make money in the wake of TikTok and Amazon?

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Ten years ago, the internet was awash with pop-up sites and blogspots where affiliates ruled the roost. Money was flowing, pop-ups were everywhere and both clients and marketers alike were content with the relationship that was built. However, in the wake of pop-up blockers, legislation in multiple industries and a whole heap of compliance paperwork to be filled in to get paid, the land of affiliates is a much bleaker one than most recognise.

In 2022, those that seem to be making the highest pay cheques each month tend to be promoting their services on OnlyFans or flashing the cash when it comes to TikTok and YouTube videos and Amazon reselling. For now, let’s ignore the ‘adults only’ element and stick to the cleaner waters, where some of the most successful affiliates are making millions by unwrapping toys (like Ryan’s World), narrating over make-up videos or selling second-hand sports goods and electronics en masse. But just how do they turn these 10-min vids or knock-off sports gear into the hordes of cash that they are amassing? It’s purely down to marketing!


Quick videos have always been a great way to grab attention, but unless you are first on the bandwagon or creating the latest craze, it’s hard to make a mark in this vertical. That being said, the most important thing is to focus on doing something simple and that makes you stand out. Forget the ice bucket challenges or eating dishwasher tablets and instead go for something that makes people remember you for the right reasons. Stand behind your fashion statement, draw something people can relate to or just tell it how it is.


With so many options available on YouTube, it’s hard to separate yourself from the bigger channels, but here are a few of the most popular streams to try.

  1. Sports commentary and reactions
  2. Unboxing videos (think of cool items that people can’t just copy easily)
  3. Make-up videos – the more unique the better!
  4. Game streaming and live game sharing – people go crazy for this and it’s a great way to start


Perhaps the hardest channel of all to make it big in, Amazon has been accused of ‘buying out’ or ‘phasing out’ anyone who is super successful, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth trying. Clothes are hard but cheap tech like battery chargers, LED lights and more are always a good shout. Remember that if you are selling anything that is hazardous or can’t be posted – to get all the right warning labels as this could be an expensive early mistake and wipe out all your profits (and more!)


Our personal favourite, mostly because despite all the challenges to make it work, it is still a very successful way to make money fast – starting your own online casino affiliate site like this. Stick to markets that are fairly easy when it comes to legislation in, remember that quality not quantity is best and, last but not least, try and rank for keywords that aren’t pitting you against the operators themselves (typically these are the hardest to achieve on).

So there you have it, a list of the things to get stuck in to, to combat the affiliate lull in 2022 (and try to make some good money while you’re at it).



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