Advantages of Going Solar

7 Major Advantages of Going Solar

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If you’re interested in going solar, there’s no better time to consider it. It’s projected by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory that solar energy will make up 45% of America’s electricity supply by the year 2050.

Now is your opportunity to get into the fray before you’re the last one on the block to take advantage of solar energy. It’s only going to go up from here.

Not only are homes with solar panels selling for more than the average house, but there are tax credits that help owners to turn a profit! Keep reading to find out exactly how you can save money and what other benefits may be waiting for you.

1. You Can Save Money

The most obvious benefit of going solar is the ability to save money on your bills. Since you’re generating your own electricity, you’re not having to pay a company for it and you save “bookoo” bucks.

Utilities are only continuing to increase in cost, but the sun is free. Solar energy cuts your bills drastically if not removing them completely!

You also have the potential to make money off of your unused energy. By selling your excess energy to energy companies, you gain a profit or use it towards the remaining bills.

Consult with the experts in solar services to find out just how much you may be able to save. You won’t know for sure until you’ve gotten an estimate based on your exact parameters.

There are an array of tax breaks that you’ll receive for using solar energy as well. You have to research your exact state to find out how much of a tax credit you’ll receive, but you also receive a tax credit federally because of The Inflation Reduction Act.

2. Going Solar Is Good for the Environment

Solar systems have a huge positive environmental impact. They lower the need for fossil fuels which radically reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar energy contributes little to nothing in the way of air pollutants, which benefits not only the environment but also overall health. Fossil fuels create air pollution which leads to numerous health problems including chronic bronchitis and other heart and lung issues.

Switching a house that uses 8,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity to solar energy is the same as planting almost 150 trees for every year of use! Think of going solar as one of the greatest ways you can lower your carbon footprint.

3. It’s a Fast Growing Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy is booming. More people are realizing the financial and environmental impact that going solar can provide.

Because it relies on the sun, it never runs out. It won’t be turned off. You won’t have hidden fees.

As long as the sun continues to rise, you continue to have energy. It’s a completely renewable energy source.

4. You’re Safe off the Grid

As long as you have solar panels, you can operate and function on your own. If there is a blackout, you have your own source of electricity.

Even if you only have indirect sunlight, your solar panels keep working despite the weather condition. To go truly off-grid, you’ll need a few other things like backup batteries for energy storage, but you are much more self-sufficient even having solar power only.

5. It Improves Your Home Value

You could be worried about making such a big investment on a home that you may not live in long term. But, here’s the thing.

People are interested in solar energy, and you’re adding to the value of your home by installing solar panels. While you may need a few years to break even on the initial investment of installation, you should make it back even if you decide to sell.

The savings we talked about earlier are a big incentive for home buyers. Did you know that buyers are willing to spend an extra $15,000 on a home that has solar panels?

They may not be willing to make the investment themselves, but they are interested in it. A home that already has that offering is all that much more appealing.

Think of it this way. Every $1 saved annually on utilities adds $20 of value to your home.

6. You’re Helping the Economy

It takes a team to install solar panels unless you’re attempting to do it yourself. That equates to job creation, my friend!

In 2021, solar energy jobs rose in 47 different states. They also increased 9% in the entire nation.

America’s solar industry employs over 255,000 people. Of those are some of the most diverse employees, with 3 times the amount of women than other construction jobs.

7. Solar Panels Are Easy to Maintain

Once your solar panels are installed, there’s nothing left for you to do. They are maintenance-free.

If you do notice there is a buildup of debris, simply hose away any of the dirt, dust, or leaves.

You don’t have to worry about snow covering your panels either. Your solar panels generate heat while they collect and produce energy. The snow melts right off.

There’s no maintenance for you. You get to reel in the perks while the solar panels do their job.

Go Solar Today

The list of benefits of going solar is almost endless. Once you’ve tackled the initial installation cost, you only have money to gain.

The environment needs more people like you willing to make the jump to solar energy. Reduce your carbon footprint, clean up the air, and make the environment healthier for everyone! So, what are you waiting for?

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