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Switch to Solar Panels: A How to Guide

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In 2019, roughly 2 million households in the US installed solar panel systems. In a country of 325 million people, this is a small percentage. 

However, experts expect this number to increase in the coming years. Throughout the 2010s, solar panels became cheaper and more efficient than ever before. 

Many people like the idea of installing solar power systems in their houses. However, they often have one question: how do they switch to solar panels? 

Is Your Roof Suitable For Solar Panels?

The first step in switching to solar energy is determining whether your roof can support it. A few factors could make your roof unsuitable for solar panels. 

First, your roof could be too old for solar panels. Solar panel systems weigh significantly on rooftops. Likewise, they usually remain on your roof for 10-20 years. 

However, roofs generally last for 25 years at the maximum. If your roof needs replacing soon, it’s best to wait on installing a solar panel system. 

Determine How to Finance Your Switch to Solar Panels

The national average cost of solar panels falls within $15,000-$25,000. While this is cheaper than in years past, it’s still a considerable investment.  Don’t be discouraged though, as going solar implies electricity savings. You can use a solar panel calculator to quickly estimate your solar potential and savings.

Fortunately, there are a few things that can make it cheaper. First, the federal government still provides a 26% tax credit for solar panels installed during 2022.

Second, various state governments offer tax incentives to go solar as well. Check out your state’s laws to see if you can take advantage of these credits. 

These credits can help you determine how much your solar panels will cost. Then, you can begin looking for ways to finance the installation. 

Find a Solar Installer

Once you get the financial backing for solar, the next step is to find an installation crew. Some people wonder if they can install solar panels as a DIY project, but this is generally a bad idea.

Solar wiring can be sensitive and intricate. Trying to install all of this on your roof is a task that requires professional experience and skill. 

So, look for the best solar installation team to complete the task. As you search, consider the following. 

First, how long has the company been installing solar panels? Second, how soon can they give you an estimate of the cost?

Finally, consider the company’s warranty on installations. It’s best to find companies that provide lengthy protections for their solar panels. 

Switch to Solar Panels Today

Making the switch to solar panels isn’t as complicated as it seems. All you have to do is follow these steps.

By the end of this process, you’ll know whether solar panels are a worthwhile investment for your home. Start today by determining if your roof can support a solar energy system! Solar panels are only one kind of technology we discuss. Our website has several other tech pieces filled with advice and helpful tips. Check out our other pieces today to find the information you need!

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