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How to Choose Women’s Air Jordan 1 Sneakers: A Guide

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Only one pair of shoes offers the perfect balance of style and comfort. It’s one of the best shoes in the U.S., and it is also a top choice in other countries. 

You probably already know the shoes we’re talking about if you’re a sneaker collector. If you’re not, here’s the answer: Air Jordan!

Air Jordan sneakers have become an essential part of every shoe collection since the 1990s. But, before you go shopping for a pair, make sure you get the perfect fit by getting some guidance.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right fit and style of women’s Air Jordan 1.

What Size Women’s Air Jordan 1 Should You Get?

Sometimes your shoe size can be different due to the brand and quality. For example, if you usually wear Converse and Vans, your Nike shoe might be half a size larger. 

When it comes to unisex Jordan 1 for the shoe size, you should go down 1.5 sizes down. Also, think about the purpose of your Jordans: will you wear them for style, or will you play basketball? For people who will exercise or play sports in their shoes, it’s best to go one size up to allow their feet to stretch and thicker socks.

Are Air Jordan Shoes True to Size?

If you’re struggling with what size you should pick, always remember that they are popular for a reason. The Air Jordan shoes are known to be true to size, fitting the feet perfectly every time. 

If you normally wear a size 7, that’s the size you should get for your women’s Air Jordan shoes. However, some styles of jordans can be narrow in fitting and size, so if your feet are wide, it’s best to go a size up.

What About Kid Air Jordan Size?

Women with small feet can consider this a blessing because kids’ shoe sizes are usually $40 cheaper than women’s Air Jordan 1. The downside is the quality may be lesser due to it being in children’s size. You might also notice these differences below:

  • The fit is tighter
  • The cushion is not as padded
  • The silhouette is different from adult size
  • Cheaper quality of leather and suede
  • Soles with less durability and grip
  • Perforations on the toebox are smaller

Often, the differences are so slight that the lower price point and the fact that it’s easier to find them than adult air jordans outweigh the differences. Plus, you’ll find some more unique and playful colorways that you won’t find in women’s sizes. 

When buying Air Jordan shoes in children’s sizes, make sure to go 1.5 sizes smaller than your actual size. For example, in the case of a size 8, you should get 6.5 shoes in grade size.

Are the Air Jordan Sneakers Comfortable?

The popularity of the Air Jordan sneakers is likely due to the high-quality material that offers comfort. Many fans of the shoes enjoy wearing them all day long without any issues. 

With extra padding at the top and a soft tongue, the sneakers protect the ankles during workouts and sports. For those with heel spurs and who have to stand all day, the shoes often have thicker cushions that add extra comfort. 

Should You Buy Air Jordans Online or at the Store?

Many people like to stand outside the store, wait for it to open, and then rush in to get the newest Air Jordans. Even though purchasing the shoes online might be a better option than visiting the store.

By doing so, you can avoid having to stand in a long line waiting inside to buy something only to discover it is out of stock. When you find the perfect website to buy your Air Jordan sneakers online, you can subscribe to stay on top of when the pair you want is in stock and then buy them right away. It’s the perfect way to avoid disappointment and crowds.

When buying the shoes online for the first time, review a few websites on their different price tags and shipping policies. You should also look at the offers on the websites to see which one gives you the best deal. 

Before placing your order, look at the foot measuring charts to ensure you get the right size and take the time to read over the return and exchange policies.

How Do I Style Air Jordan 1?

It is common to find Jordan sneakers in several color schemes and designs. Wear a plain t-shirt matching one color on the shoes pairing with some jeans for a stylish look. 

Match your outfit with the color of the sneakers you’re interested in buying. Choose neutral colors such as grey, white, and black if you need only a few pairs. These colors will match every look.

You can also coordinate shoes with fashion accessories like a purse or hat. For a stylish look with Air Jordans, you can wear scarfs and bracelets, depending on the colorway.

Now What Should You Do After Buying Air Jordan 1?

Once you wear these brands of shoes for a while, you’ll become somewhat obsessed with them. No one wants their Jordans to look dirty and scuffed, so keeping them clean is essential. Also, fellas, if you’re not sure what to buy your lucky lady for her birthday, surprise her with a pair of women’s Air Jordan 1s!

Did we help you find the right size of Air Jordans for yourself or a friend? If so, let us know, and if you need more help, it’s best to just tried them on to see how they fit. Also, our blog has more style advice, so you can read more when you have time.

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