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What is automotive software development?

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The birth of the electronic engine control unit revolutionized the improvement of its performance. Mechanical alterations are a thing of the past, and today special software for chip tuning helps to modernize the “iron horse”. What exactly does it happen? What do you need to know so that the car does not suffer from improper manipulation? Is there any proven software that you can trust for security? It’s time to figure it out. As there is automotive software development company Fireart.

It all starts with electronic components

automotive software development

Today, the abbreviation ECU will not surprise any driver interested in improving his four-wheeled friend. It stands for “electronic control unit” – a kind of computer that regulates the functioning of the motor. And the presence of special controllers in it allows you to change the factory settings in order to improve the characteristics of the vehicle’s engine.

To edit the controllers, the so-called “re-typing” is done using programs for chip-tuning cars. These are a kind of graphical calibration data tables that allow you to adjust the operation of many systems. Ignition and speed limiter settings, fuel supply to cylinders, engine toxicity – all of this can be adjusted.

The software allows you to “play” with the calibration values, for example, to change the ignition angle towards the early one. Thus, the dynamics of the machine is improved and the economy is increased. However, it is important to remember about detonation: it can appear if you start too early, and this is very bad for the motor.

What computer programs help to improve the car?

  • On the monitor screen, when working with chip tuning software, you can see nothing more than tables of calibration data.
  • A hardware and software system that adjusts the calibration in real time.
  • A universal bootloader that reads and writes firmware in a controller with flash memory.
  • Injection control system calibration adjuster.
  • A device for writing and reading the system memory in the control unit of a modern engine.
  • Sports software for upgrading sports cars, etc.

Self-installation of free versions or cooperation with professionals?

Is it possible to independently edit the files installed in the controller from to make your car go faster and get under way faster? This process implies perfect knowledge of the motor, its strengths and weaknesses, reserves and more. Therefore, even tuning ateliers in most cases do not deal with the adjustment of the read files, but prefer to send them to those people who specialize in this matter. This is the only way to improve the performance of a car effectively and without risks.

It is also possible to find free programs for chip tuning, but how effective and safe they will be for further driving is unknown. They can actually be purchased from many online stores that promise affordable prices and a full guarantee that you will not be offered a pirated copy. The installation of the latter often disrupts the operation of the control system of the “heart” of the car, contributing to its failure and the creation of emergency situations on the road.

What can you do in order not to be held hostage to a fake? It is best to entrust the upgrade to professionals who will independently install the program for chip tuning of foreign cars using the latest technologies.

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