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What does the new study of COVID-19 in children tell us?

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Virus and Antibodies Can Coexist

According to a new study on COVID-19, young patients may still have the probability to transmit novel coronavirus. Regardless, even if they have a measurable immune response, the virus and antibodies can coexist.

The Journal of Pediatrics published a study stating that most viruses fade when antibodies are detected. However, novel coronavirus shows no signs of disappearance. This was claimed by Burak Bahar, M.D, lead author of the study and director of Laboratory Informatics at Children’s National. She added, “Children still have the potential to transmit the virus even if antibodies are detected.”

Neutralization of antibodies prevents re-infection

Bahar Burak affirmed that the next level of the research will be to test if the Coronavirus is alongside the antibodies and can be transmitted or not. The probability of reinfection and the longevity of antibodies protecting the immune system remains unprecedented. The study emphasizes the timing of viral clearance and immunologic response.

As it was found, the median time from viral positivity to negativity, when the virus notifies undetected, was 25 days. The median time to seropositivity, or the presence of antibodies in the blood, was 18 days, while the median time to neutralize antibodies was 36 days. Neutralization of antibodies prevents re-infection.

What does the data say for now?

At Children’s National from (March 13 2020-June 21, 2020), a copious amount of 6,369 children tested for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19), and 215 patients underwent antibody testing.

Among the 215— 33 patients were subjected for co-testing for both virus and antibodies during their illness. 9 of the 33 showed the presence of antibodies in their bloodstream, while they also tested positive for the Coronavirus later on.

CoronaVirus and the Age Groups

The Children’s National Hospital researchers compared 6-15 years old patients with 16-22-years-old ones. They discovered the following,

  • 6-15 years old patients took a long time to clear the virus than the latter
  • The younger patients took 32 days while the adults cleared the virus in 18 days
  • Correspondingly, females in the 6-15 age group took longer to clear the virus than males (median of 44 days for females compared to a median of 25.5 days for males).



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