Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day as a Taiwanese Expat

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Living away from your family isn’t a thing for the weak-hearted, as you can miss your loved ones on all sorts of occasions, such as their birthdays and Father’s Days. There can be countless reasons for you to have left Taiwan and settled in the USA, such as for education, career, or a better quality of life.

However, there are ways you can spread love to your family back home – despite living as a Taiwanese expat. 

With Father’s Day just around the corner, have a look at some of the best ways to celebrate Father’s Day. 

Personalized Wallet

Let us have a look at one of the best practical presents that you can send your Taiwanese dad. With a personalized leather wallet, you can remind your dad of you every time he opens his wallet. Speaking of a leather wallet, you might also want to send him some remittance money by choosing Western Union to exchange usd to taiwan dollar at your convenience. 

We know that out fathers have their needs too, but, given their fatherly duties, they are naturally prone to let go of their dreams and work to fulfill the dreams of their families. This Father’s Day, you can resort to practical presents and let your father know that you value him and his dreams as much as he values yours. 

Tech Gadgets

We know that nearly all Taiwanese dads are tech geeks, so you can get him the latest tech gadgets and allow him to swap his old smartwatch with the latest Apple watch. You can also send him the latest version of his smartphone and install all of his needed apps in advance. Also, nothing can go wrong with high-quality headphones that make an equally amazing Father’s Day present for your Taiwanese father, especially if he is a tech nerd. 

Kindle eReader

As dads get older, they tend to spend more time indoors than outdoors – if your dad does too, then you might want to surprise him by sending him a Kindle eReader so he can immerse himself in other worlds and explore new stories every day without actually leaving the house. 

The Kindle eReader makes a nice present especially if your Taiwanese dad is a knowledge-seeking dad – always looking for something interesting and new. With the unmatched catalog of Amazon in his hands, your dad will have an enormous library of knowledge and materials to choose from. 

The best part of a Kindle is that you can read like real paper, and the extensive battery time lasts for weekends, which means that your dad will remain entertained for hours. 

Health Products

Taiwan is growing health conscious, which is why you can consider sending your father some of the best health and wellness products, such as massage chairs, fitness trackers, and the best health supplements. 

On this note, consider sending him presents that will encourage him to spend more time outdoors surrounded by nature, such as hiking gear, camping gear, a portable water bottle, a stylish backpack, etc. Don’t forget healthy food hampers that will make your dad more than happy. 

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