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Unlock the Power of Transcription: How to Convert Audio to Text Easily

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Life has become increasingly busy and people have had to hone their multi-tasking skills in order to get everything done in a day. However, there are tools that can make life easier and simplify both your personal and work-related communications. The advancement of technology has come with benefits and drawbacks, but the possibility to convert audio to text is a real advantage for many.

Take Notes

It’s often the case that you come up with a brilliant idea while you’re doing something else or can’t get to a pen and paper in that moment. Most people have their phones on them at all times, and this is where making a recording can be life changing, as you can let your thoughts go wild and record everything that’s on your mind. Then, once you’re home or have a minute to spare, you can easily and simply import your file from anywhere: a local file, Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox and more. Handing in an audio file, for example at university or at work, is not really the format that a professor or boss wants, they would certainly prefer having your work on paper. However, transcription takes up a lot of time. Time that many people don’t have.

The Purpose of Transcribing

Apart from saving you hours and hours of typing time, students can greatly benefit from transcribing services. An example: imagine you have ten classes to attend a week, a part-time job and other activities and commitments, which is not uncommon in the fast-paced times we live in. Your professors asks you to conduct qualitative research and interview experts in the field. It’s impossible to type as fast as someone speaks and you also wont’ be as present in the interview. Instead, make a recording and document your interviews and meetings. 

Transcribing all your recordings is the perfect way to make your findings more accessible, meaning that you can use this tool to create searchable text documents, fastening the process of navigating all the data. It may be necessary to go back to a part of the interview that you want to highlight or discuss further, and having a text version enables you to search for terms and not have to go back and forth in an audio recording. While you could do this yourself, and there are tips on self-transcription available, with these services being so precise and offered at a fair price, it may sense to reach out to the professionals.

Captions and Translation

Another feature that would have been unimaginable only a few decades ago, is the ability for a tool to transcribe and then translate an audio file into a written text. It’s an expedient and smart way to go about putting your thoughts and ideas in black and white. You may have to hand in a paper that’s not in your native language, meaning that you’d first have to sit down and write it out in your mother tongue and then only translate it. That’s a mammoth task. Rather record an audio, for example while taking a walk, and have it transcribed and translated for you.

The world is more online these days than anywhere else. Many people are keen on creating content and making videos showcasing their talents or interests. Good videos always have captions so that viewers can keep up and read along with what the speaker is saying. The captions need to be time-stamped and in sync with the speech; this can very challenging. Captions are useful to make a video more accessible to everyone, meaning also for people who speak another language or have a hearing disability. More than that, they help to make your footage dynamic, and understandable to a wider audience, so more people can see and understand your content and your overall message.

They say that one should work smarter, not harder. This is definitely where a transcription service comes in, as it saves you time and will ensure that your thoughts and ideas are put on paper with precision. Most of these companies even offer proofreading services after the transcription by human linguists. Give it a try!

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