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7 Innovative Ways To Bolster Business Productivity

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Is boosting your company’s productivity is one of your top agendas this 2022? If so, this is undoubtedly a great move to ensure your company gets to ward off competition in today’s globalized and highly aggressive marketplace. The best place to start to boost your company’s productivity is with your employees. After all, they provide you with the much-needed workforce to ensure your business keeps running.

With that said, your employees can only remain highly productive if they’re inspired, motivated as well as in excellent mental and physical health. Besides employees, you also need to streamline other business processes such as production to boost productivity. To get insights on how to bolster your company’s productivity, below are some innovative ideas you should consider implementing.

1. Automate Workflows And Processes

Many startups are often overwhelmed by small and repetitive tasks, thus negatively affecting their productivity. Therefore, you must never make a similar mistake as a small business owner. Instead, it would help automate some of the workflow processes and functions. And with some business operations, for example, production and distribution automated, your employees can better focus their energies on other areas where their skills and expertise are needed.

However, the thought of automating business processes often frightens many small business owners because of its effects on their staff jobs and upfront expense. If you also have such a concern, a better solution would be to hire a managed services provider Dallas. With their knowledge and expertise, they’ll improve different aspects of your business. Therefore, you’ll boost your operational efficiency, reduce the cost of operation and increase your company’s market share.

2. Set Attainable Goals

Your business strategy isn’t complete without a clear set of goals that guides everyone in the company on what they’re expected to do. With that said, you must remember only to set attainable goals within a given duration. Otherwise, you risk overwhelming your employees with too much work, thereby killing their motivation. This is the last thing you want as a demotivated employee doesn’t perform at the best of their abilities, thereby affecting your company’s productivity.

With this in mind, you must always set achievable goals to ensure your employees are optimistic about completing their assigned duties within the stated duration. This way, they won’t strain themselves, which helps bolster business productivity.

3. Provide Your Employees With Additional Training

You need to provide your employees with continuous training because today’s business landscape is characterized by new trends from time to time. Therefore, you should ensure that your employees are well-versed with these latest trends to ensure they’re performing at optimal levels. Otherwise, they’ll be less confident in their skills when handling their duties, which negatively affects their output and business productivity.

Therefore, you need to send your employees to conferences and seminars to ensure they’ve been adequately trained. You should also routinely offer them motivational strategies that help them remain focused and willing to deliver their best. Training also makes your employees feel treasured by your business, making them more loyal. As a result, they’ll always do their best while at work, thereby boosting your company’s productivity.

4. Promote Team Collaboration

Idea sharing and teamwork among your employees are what foster innovation. Therefore, it’s your obligation as the business owner to encourage collaboration, idea sharing, and teamwork among your employees. This will give all your employees a space to freely share their thoughts and ideas without getting judged. In addition, doing this helps to solidify your staff’s unity further, thereby bolstering business productivity.

With teamwork having such a significant impact, you need to schedule time for your employees to brainstorm to share any insights or ideas they might have. For optimal engagement, it’s best to create smaller teams divided based on departments or numbers. Consequently, hold brainstorming sessions that allow your employees to engage with each other to foster team unity. This team collaboration will help boost your company’s overall productivity in the long run.

5. Reduce Work-Related Stress

An employee’s creativity and productivity suffer when undergoing any form of stress. When this happens, the company’s overall performance suffers too. Therefore, you should strive to create a stress-free workplace environment to realize any chances of bolstering your business productivity.

You can make the workplace less stressful by incorporating fun activities such as company picnics that help reduce stress levels either monthly or weekly. In addition, you can incorporate small breaks of around five minutes throughout the day into your company’s culture. These small breaks help your employees feel less pressure while at work, which helps bolster their concentration once they resume their assigned tasks.

6. Don’t Micromanage

It’s typical for a business owner or manager to do everything yourself to ensure it’s done perfectly. However, you should delegate some of the tasks to your employees and shelve the fear that they might not do the assigned work anticipated. With the free time now on your hands, you can now shift your focus on other vital issues that require your immediate attention. In addition, it boosts your staff’s morale knowing you trust them to perform as expected, which eventually increases the company’s productivity.

7. Use Productivity Tools

While technology is often the most significant source of distraction among employees, you can also use it to improve their productivity if used correctly. This is possible because some technological tools are explicitly designed to bolster productivity. One such example is the workflow management software which is a tool that helps improve business productivity. This technology achieves this by automating routine and error-prone duties to streamline business operations. Other tools you can use to improve company productivity include Asana, Todoist, Slack, Evernote, and Dropbox.


Increasing business productivity is critical because it helps ensure continuous growth. But as a business owner, knowing the different ways you can achieve this might not be obvious considering the many things you might be tasked with doing. So, to help you out, this article has outlined different ways you can implement to help bolster your company’s productivity.

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