Nangbeto Hydropower Plant

Voith gets assigned to modernize Nangbeto hydropower plant

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Voith secures the contract for 22 million euros. The modernization will keep the 63MW plant in operation for another 30 years.

The contract comprises of

Voith has received the contract from Communtauté Electrique du Bénin (CEB), a Beninese-Togolese joint venture. As per the contract Voith will have to carry out the refurbishment of generators, replacements of blades, rehabilitation of cooling system, and cavitation inspection of turbines.

Moreover, Voith is required to renovate the automation and communication infrastructure. The advancement of the supply buildings and the switchyard are also planned. This modernization is supposed to add 30 years of more life to the plant. The work is scheduled to be completed in 2022. And the working won’t affect the operations of the plant as one of the two 32.5MW units will always be connected to the grill.

About the plant

Nangbeto Hydropower Plant is situated on the Mono River that borders Benin and Togo, West Africa. The plant is commissioned in 1987 and has capacity to provide hydropower of 63MW and energy about 150 GWh annually. It satisfies the medium term power requirements of Benin and Togo from last 35 years.

Voith about the contract

Heike Bergmann, Senior Vice President Sales Africa at Voith Hydro, commented about this contract,Nangbeto is currently the only power plant that simultaneously supplies Togo and Benin with renewable energy. We are proud to make this plant fit for the future. The project and the successful cooperation with our local partners provide us with a good basis for further modernisation projects in Central and West Africa. Overall, the African continent has an enormous untapped hydropower potential. We want to use this potential to sustainably expand the regional power supply.”

About Voith

Founded in 1867, The Voith Group work in various sectors such as energy, oil and gas, raw material, transport, paper and automotive. The company has its presence in 60 countries worldwide. And is one of the large family-owned companies in Europe. The division Voith Hydro is a leading full line supplier and partner for equipping hydropower plants.



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