Visteon Launches SmartCore Domain Controller

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World’s First Cockpit Domain Controller with Automotive Cockpit Platform

A leading automotive cockpit electronics technology company Visteon recently launched its new SmartCore-  The World’s first production cockpit domain controller with a third generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platform. The cockpit will be launched on a new pure electric vehicle platform Aion LX from Chinese automaker Guangzhou Automobile Group. (GAC).

Sachin Lawande, President and CEO of Visteon; Cham Zhong, Vice President of Tencent; and  Wang Qiujing, Deputy Chief of GAC’s executive committee jointly introduced the Visteon’s latest step to advance the intelligent integrated vehicle cockpit. The collaboration of three parties has resulted in the SmartCore application of Aion LX.  Last year, the cooperative technology initiative was announced. The new intelligent cockpit is a combination of Tencent Auto Intelligence (TAI) and third generation snapdragon automotive cockpit platform for the Aion LX.  The cockpit is scheduled to launch in early 2020.

Helping Manufacturers Transition to the Intelligent Cockpit

The vehicle manufacturers are moving to the intelligent cockpit by consolidating ECUs with the help of Visteon’s SmartCore domain controller. The controller also enables the manufacturers to operate multiple displays and applications independently throughout the cockpit. It brings advantages in weight, power consumption and cost along with keeping occupants informed and entertained. Visteon is the Industry leader in this technology as it was the first Tier 1 supplier to launch a cockpit domain controller on a production vehicle. The SmartCore application for GAC, Aion LX is the first to power three cockpit domains.

Authorities Pleased with the Collaboration

“We are proud that our industry leadership in cockpit domains controllers, and our technology cooperation with Tencent and GAC, has resulted in this intelligent cockpit on the Aion LX,” said Sachin Lawande, The President and CEO of Visteon. GAC’s Qiujing said, “GAC is committed to being a mobility life value creator, the collaboration supports GAC’s integration innovation strategies and is a great effort to improve future mobility life.”

“To address the trend of intelligent vehicle, and with autonomous driving as the key focus of the industry, Tencent is pleased with this collaboration. We want to continue the ‘eco-intelligent internet of vehicle’ to the products and services of our three parties, to make travel more consumer friendly and smart,” said Cham Zhong, Vice President of Tencent. In the future also, these three will continue to cooperate to promote the development of intelligent technologies related to the digital cockpit, centralized computing, and automated driving.



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