Using SMS Activate Service: The Easiest Way to Sign Up for Online Apps without Your Own Phone Number

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Every third online app uses a mobile phone number verification feature today. This is made to improve their security protocols. In addition to that, some apps restrict the use of this feature for citizens of certain countries, which already resulted in many people facing difficulties when trying to register with a specific platform if their phone number country is not supported. Such a situation used to be a very severe issue. However, online phone numbers for SMS activate purposes appeared to be a simple fix to it.

Compatible with apps of any kind

The app they are used with makes no difference in the case of online numbers. Furthermore, it also doesn’t matter if they are operated via browser, mobile phone, or even software for PC. To summarize, they can be used with apps of the following types:

  • Social media networks;
  • Email services;
  • Instant messengers; 
  • Online stores;
  • Forums and other platforms.

Basically, it’s all about whether a specific app supports verification via SMS or not. If so, then it can be registered with the help of online phone numbers. For example, they can be used for Tinder sign up or creating an account on Bolt. There is absolutely no difference in this regard.

Unrestricted use for each user

Purchasing many SIM cards is surely a difficult task for the average person. Most often cellular providers don’t allow one to own more than a few of them. It is also more likely to cost a decent amount of money as those are not cheap and getting even more expensive.

The same cannot be said about online numbers. They are way cheaper, which already makes them more affordable for everyone. But the main point is that there are no restrictions on how many of them each user can get and activate. It’s literally unlimited and depends only on your goals as well as finances.

Elaborating on the above, with these numbers there is nothing wrong with signing up for multiple accounts on the same or different websites and apps to keep work and personal life separate, promote business more effectively, or perform other tasks. You can also use online phone numbers to use one-time special offers for newcomers on certain platforms by creating new profiles every time. There are many use cases.

Service for using online numbers

Taking advantage of such a number is simple. With the SMS-Man service, it takes completing only a few simple steps. It is unnecessary to provide any personal information when doing this, thus, it is private and secure. Here is a quick, yet complete guide on what to do after registering and funding your account on the platform from above:

1. Open the main page of the service and proceed to the section with supported countries of online phone numbers. Choose one from which you want to get a number.

2. Scroll the page down to a section with supported websites and apps and use the search feature to find the one you are going to register.

3. Once finished with the settings of the number, click the purchase button.

4. Use the received number as a verification method when signing up for the selected platform. 

5. Finish verification with a one-time code that arrived at your online number.

Nothing difficult, is there? Everyone can use this opportunity regardless of the goal, job position, and, most importantly, time, as the platform works in automatic mode. Since online phone numbers are accessible from anywhere around the world, there is no need to worry about being unable to make use of them when away from home due to vacation or anything else.

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