Are you from Utility Industry? Watch out for these trends

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Hey, are you working in the utility industry? Then you must be interested in the trends the industry is going to follow in here are the trends according to the experts which are going to play a major role in the utility industry. Definitely these are the newly emerging trends out of the knowledge of many. There are a lot of assets getting introduced with an emerging day carrying a load of challenges with it for the utility industry. But as it is said, challenges carries opportunities with it. In the same way, Solar energy is being a new threat to the utility industry, but at the same time creating new opportunities for the sector.

So, here are the Utility Industry Trends to watch for-

Solar, the future of Utility

The introduction of solar has created a debate of its useful within the industry. The industry is trying to understand the impact of rapid distribution of the solar power. The applaud electric vehicle got in the masses is just undeniable which makes the utility think over the usefulness of it. Big brands are going forward to plan their own electric vehicle as soon as possible. Now, in the future utilities need to think over the gride batteries useful to charge the electric vehicle.

The stepping of tech giants in the industry

But yes, the utility industry needs to pay attention towards the stepping of tech giants in the utility industry, becoming a threat with the solar. As Google and Amazon are to introduce their interconnected home devices, utilities have to very careful and follow them time to time. As of now the devices introduced by these giants like, Echo by Amazon and Google’s Home are useful to play music and  check the weather conditions. But the possibility of these devices to maintain home energy cannot be denied. So, utility industry need to watch out for the introduction of these giants in the industry.

Customer’s varied choices

The utility industry is facing a new challenge coming from the customers which is about their new choices for the source of energy. Customers now a days more preferring the thermostats and solar.The introduction of the storage of solar power has given a choice to the customer to select for a community solar power option. Community solar power is followed by the electric vehicle on the customers choice list. With the increasing customer demand utility also trying to give options to the customers with the offerings like fuel supply.

Environmental concern will keep coal at bay

As the environmental concern is there in the world, the environmentalists have sugested that coal will be hardly anymore used by the utility industry. A number of coal plants have already retired, because of the introduction of new environmental regulations. The increasing use of the cheap natural gas will add up in the situation when it comes to using coal in the long term.

So, if you want to retain in the utility industry, do not forget these utility industry trends while working on a future plan.



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