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USPS with Help from Google Cloud to Better Call Center Services

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The contract is of $50 million

The U.S. Postal Service is collaborating with Google Cloud to decrease the time spent on waiting on the calls of its 80 million customers. The contract for customer experience and mail delivery solutions was given to Carahsoft, one of the Google Cloud’s sanctioned distributors for customers from the public sector. The $50 million cloud contract will help the postal service provider short out this nagging problem.

The services of Amazon have made it more difficult for the public sector unit; it has forced the postal service provider to rethink its traditional methods. Mike Daniels, VP of the global public sector at Google said, “Their call wait times are very unacceptable. They are limited in what they can do with respect to staffing. You can just throw more people at it. It’s super expensive and risks fraught to tear out the aging console.”

Diologflow enables AIVA for better call experience

USPS is the largest mail delivery organization, around 630,000 employees work under it; still, it can’t manage the call volume of customers. Last month it initiated Google Cloud pilot to answer quires of the customers regarding passport. The Diologflow Enterprise Edition of Google Cloud enables artificial intelligence virtual agents (AIVA) which is more efficient in returning the customers’ calls than USPS employees.

AIVA works on the same line as Google Assistant will be integrated into USPS’s call center technical infrastructure. The customers can access the service by making a call to the organization or visiting their website. Diologflow will set up links on the website, mobile application, messaging platforms and IoT devises.

Daniels also emphasized that the organization is looking to change everything from production to back-end. They are pretty sure that the new system will create true production systems that deliver the mail to customer interaction systems

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