raw material for Covishiel

US government lift the restrictions to send raw material for Covishiel

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Key Highlights

  • The US assured support of raw material to India and its neighboring countries.
  • It has an inventory of Covishield’s dose of “ten million”.
  • US will also supply other essentials to India including PPE.

US top leaders assured support to India

The United States declared that it would urgently send raw materials for vaccine manufacture. The United States was one of several countries to assist India. By giving oxygen concentrators. As Indian hospitals run short of oxygen during the ongoing second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The US had decided to loosen restrictions to enable the procurement of raw materials for ramping up vaccine manufacturing.

Significance of exported raw material by the US

The United States has established suppliers of unique raw materials that are urgently needed for Indian manufacturing of the Covishield vaccine. Adar Poonawalla, Chief Executive Officer of Serum Institute of India (SII), manufactures Covishield, the AstraZeneca-Oxford University vaccine. It had previously stated that bags and filters will be needed. Manufacturers need a large number of bags, filters, and other essential products. The Novavax vaccine, of which India is a major producer, needs these products from the United States.

Interference requested by Serum Institute of India (SII) to the Indian Government 

Serum Institute of India (SII) was seeking interference with the Biden administration to allow the import of necessary raw materials from the USA. SII requested the continuous production and provision of COVID-19 vaccines. The head of the SII Adar Poonawalla tweeted the President of the United States to lift the export ban on raw materials. But last week, CNBC Television-18 assured him that the processing of the Covishield raw materials in the US will not be affected. 

US announcement after NSA level call

This message was sent after a phone call between National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and his Indian counterpart, Ajit Doval. The United States has developed suppliers of relevant raw materials. Which is desperately needed for Indian manufacturing of the Covishield vaccine which will be made available to India immediately. The US has listed therapeutics, rapid diagnostic test kits, ventilators, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply that will be made available to India immediately. It is also exploring options to provide oxygen generation and related supplies on an urgent basis.

The US supporting other Neighbour countries in Vaccine production

The US has an inventory of Covishield’s dose of “ten million” that lie idle. There is a long string of countries that are clamoring for US vaccines. The US has assured support to its North American neighbors. Along with Canada and Mexico, other neighboring countries of the USA have also been assured with millions of doses. In the meantime, AstraZeneca sought approval to supply the European Union with vaccines to satisfy its obligation. Brazil is another contender discussed in the White House with its deteriorating situation. 

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