A Closer Look at 3 Types of Air Charter Solutions and Their Uses

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There are plenty of reasons why you would book a private jet, but convenience is almost always at the top of the list. If you have ever flown commercial, you might appreciate the lower fares, but soon after you book that ticket, you realize that traditional airlines have some serious drawbacks. The crowds, the lines, the delays — they can all take a toll on your time, energy and overall experience.

Air charter services, on the other hand, provide unmatched flexibility, privacy and comfort. They allow you to customize every aspect of your flight to your needs and preferences.

What Are Air Charter Services?

Air charter services are on-demand air transportation solutions that let you rent an entire aircraft for a specific travel purpose instead of buying a seat on a commercial airline.

They offer a unique and personalized way to travel because, unlike traditional airlines, air charter services operate on your schedule, provide you with a vast selection of aircraft types to choose from, and allow you to customize in-flight services to your liking.

3 Common Types of Air Charter Services

There are three common types of air charter solutions offered by private jet brokers and operators. The difference between them is primarily based on the reason for your trip, the distance you’re flying and the number of passengers in your group.

1. Private Jet Charter

Private jet charters are the most popular air transportation solution, particularly for busy executives and high-net-worth individuals. They accommodate small groups of passengers and offer a premium travel experience with time savings, privacy and luxury ingrained in every aspect of your journey.

Generally, you can book private jets for two reasons:

●       Business Trips

Executives, senior management and key personnel use private jet charters as a convenient way to travel between business meetings and events held in different cities, carry out site visits and meet with suppliers and clients.

During these flights, they can use the time on board to work, attend meetings and take important phone calls uninterrupted.

●       Leisure Trips

You can also take advantage of private jet charters to allow yourself, your family and friends to fly in style and comfort for holiday getaways, destination weddings and other special occasions. On these trips, you can even bring your pets along and have them stay in the cabin right by your side.

A reputable air charter brokerage firm or operator will present you with different private jet models based on how many people you’re traveling with, the distance you’re going and how much luggage you’ll be carrying. A few of the most common private jet models you can charter include:

  • Turboprops
  • Very light jets
  • Light jets
  • Midsize
  • Super-midsize
  • Heavy jets
  • Ultra long-range jets
  • VIP airliners


2. Group Charter

If you were to compare group charters to private jet charters, you’d find that they’re quite similar. The only difference is that group charters are more suitable for larger numbers of passengers.

These flights are typically reserved by:

  • Corporate organizations for MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) trips
  • Sports teams
  • Artists and performers
  • Government officials and delegations
  • Tour operators
  • Group travelers like families and friends

You can book group charters for the same reasons you would private flights. You’ll also have your pick of different aircraft options.

3. Air Ambulances

Air ambulance solutions are perhaps the most vital and life-saving air charter services. They’re essentially flying ICUs outfitted and staffed with equipment, supplies and personnel to transport injured or critically ill patients to hospitals and medical facilities for rapid attention and treatment and to carry out rescue and evacuation missions.

These types of air charter solutions are divided into three categories:

●       Standard Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulance services offer invaluable support to patients needing immediate medical attention, particularly those traveling over long distances or in areas inaccessible to ground vehicles.

On their way to the nearest hospital, patients on those aircraft are tended to by skilled medical teams and have access to state-of-the-art equipment to enhance their chances of survival.

●       Repatriation

While far from home, people can fall ill or get injured in an unfamiliar place. In this scenario, they may prefer to be airlifted back to their country for treatment.

This is what repatriation charters are for — they transport patients safely back to their home countries, where they can receive medical attention, communicate more easily with healthcare specialists in their native tongue and be closer to their loved ones.

●       Personnel Evacuation

Should there be a natural disaster, political unrest or any other unforeseen emergencies that require a speedy and safe exit, personnel evacuation charters are the go-to solution.

They provide people with timely, efficient transportation from high-risk areas to more secure locations.

Fly Your Way

Air charter services offer you complete control over your flying experience, from choosing the destination and scheduling your trip to selecting the aircraft and customizing the in-flight amenities and entertainment.

So, whether you’re a time-pressed executive, a group of adventurous jet setters ticking off destinations from your bucket list, or emergency staff in need of quick, reliable medical transportation, air charter services are the best way to travel.



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