Transforming the iGaming Industry

How Live Streaming Is Transforming the iGaming Industry

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It is obvious to see the impact that streaming technology has had on the landscape of entertainment and social media. Be it streaming movies and television programs directly to devices or creating live video feeds to share on social networks. Yet one industry is currently using it to overhaul entertainment, taking it in a new and exciting direction. 

If you are not a user of online casino platforms, then you will not have even noticed the changes taking place. Below, we discuss how live streaming is transforming the iGaming industry. 

Interactive Casinos

From table games to online slots, a renaissance is happening. Where once these games were simple video interactions, a new form of live entertainment is being pioneered. They involve blending the ease of use of online offerings, with the interaction of physical casinos. Croupiers will organize games that are live-streamed from a studio and in the case of slots, bonus games can have actual presenters as if they were on tv shows. 

When you log onto a game, you connect via streaming technology. If you are playing blackjack, for instance, you will see the dealer hand out the cards in the studio, shuffle the decks and hear them talk. Players can then interact via chat functions, adding a whole new level of immersion to the game. 

There are also new possibilities opening up in online slot games. These have begun to incorporate bonus rounds that are very similar to live gameshows. People enter the bonus rounds after getting the right combinations on the reels, where they play games with live presenters and assistants. This can be to increase their cash pot or win additional bonuses. 

Beyond iGaming

Beyond iGaming

All this begs the question of why this type of entertainment has not been picked up by major mainstream streaming providers. The technology is there to provide live gameshows and is being used in the iGaming sector. Yet as a form of entertainment, it is limited to those who sign up for online casinos. 

The creators of these gameshows have not overlooked the potential either. Companies such as Endemol, based in the Netherlands, have begun to make branded online casino games with their properties such as Deal or No Deal. With slot games available bearing the license of titles like Wheel of Fortune, the two areas are linked. Yet an interactive, live gameshow has not yet appeared outside of this sphere. 

This may be down to the legalities. Defining if live game shows fall under the jurisdiction of gambling would have to be decided. Of course, this would also depend on if the person was paying to play or taking part as a selected contestant. 

For companies, it could also be a fantastic way to promote products, much like they have used gameshow prizes as promotion in the past. With live shopping and product streams already popular in Asia and gaining in popularity in the west, it would provide a new and unique way to get products in front of the eyes of the public.

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