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7 Tips on How to Plan a Budget Friendly Trip this Festive Season!

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The world has gone through major lockdowns and the first thing that individuals seek is a holiday to get away from the anxiety of the past months. The importance of this couldn’t be more relevant now than ever before as the world is beginning to open up and a trip is on everyone’s mind. It is very easy to plan, but as affordability may be a concern, this can be tackled if you consider Bajaj EMI Card as your mode of payment.

Planning a Trip With the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card

A holiday can be a stress buster and a relief from mundane life. Now, more than ever before, as people have been cooped up, the idea of travel is very appealing. While travelling, you can explore new places and have fun too. If cost is a concern, as it may be for several individuals, to travel on EMI is a distinct possibility when you follow the Bajaj Finance Card Online apply Procedure to own an EMI Card.

7 Tips For a Budget-friendly Trip

  • Have a plan in mind – If you have the luxury of a lot of wealth, spontaneous travel is  great. However, the majority of folks who travel, do so with a budget in mind. You should have an idea about the city/cities you want to visit, and the cost of your travel related to hotel stays, flight tickets, local attractions, etc. It’s a good idea to plan for incidental expenses too, and it is important to note that last-minute bookings will cost you more.
  • Avoid peak travel times – If you take a trip in the off-season, you will find that travel costs you less.
  • Do your research – You can find offers on flight tickets and affordable accommodation. Instead of paying upfront, you can even buy flight tickets on EMI, or trade hotel rooms for affordable dormitory accommodation.
  • Pack appropriately – While packing for your trip, make sure that you pack all that you need so that you avoid any unnecessary expenses at your destination.
  • Use local facilities – Saving money means that you should try local places to eat and use public transport in the city you are visiting. This can cut down your expenses by a substantial amount. You can even try local supermarkets for easy and affordable meal options.
  • Book everything in advance – Planning a trip to the last detail can save you a lot of cash. If you want to visit sights and attractions, you should pre-book these, besides reserving your flight tickets and hotel stays beforehand. You can pay for all this in No Cost EMI.
  • Weekdays are affordable – Flying out and visiting attractions on weekdays tend to offer you more inexpensive deals than if you plan weekend flights/activities.

Have a Great Holiday

You can effortlessly have a great vacation when you apply for a financial friend like the  BajajFinserv EMI Network Card online. Apply for this digital instrument conveniently and pay for your trip in easy No Cost EMIs. You pay no cash upfront, and pay in flexible tenures (ranging from 3-24 months) in EMIs without interest later. This makes your trip affordable and you don’t have to worry about expenses that you may have to incur on the spot, either while you plan or during your travel. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is a secure payment tool for your travel requirements.

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