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Tips to Know Before Buying an American Akita Dog

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So, you’ve made the big decision of bringing a dog home to add to your family. Everyone is very excited and committed, and they want this to work. This new step is something that many people want to do because dogs provide them comfort and security.

There are already family members assigned to various tasks like who will walk the dog, the ones in charge of taking them to the vet, who will oversee the diet, and a lot more. You have even visited the best veterinarian in town, and you even have a pet store which you will frequent to get your supplies. The treats, leashes, and beds are ready, and all you have to do is to get a dog, right?

However, this can be challenging work because you still need to decide which canines are right for you. You may want to get an American Akita, but you need to research and consider this carefully, especially if you’re a novice. The akita temperament might be a little too much on the aggressive side, and you need to be someone who will handle them in the best way possible. In essence, you need to know how to train them and show them that you’re the boss so they will follow your commands.

There are different breeds out there, and you may get a gentle pet and cause any issue. However, if you’ve set your heart into getting an Akita, then you’re worthy of being congratulated because it can be a challenging journey. If you do your research well, these akitas are wonderful breeds, but here are some things to know before you decide to get them.

Tidbits about Akitas

American Akita

They are Muscular and Big Canines

Their weight can be as much as 100 pounds or more. You must know this because, as a puppy, they are small, cuddly, and cute. But know that as they grow, they will be tremendous, so it’s best to learn about their maximum height and weight. This is not a good idea if you live in a small apartment or a house without any yard. Learn more about the dimensions of this breed on this site.

Akitas are Quiet, But they Bark Loud

This canine breed doesn’t tend to bark unless it has an excellent reason to do it. However, they may growl or seem to “talk under their breaths” because they believe that they should have a good say on everything. They make noises, groans, and grunts from time to time, and you may sometimes find them having a deep conversation with you. The good news is that they don’t bark even if they have a lot to say.

If you hear your Akita barking, know that they are telling you that something is not right. They may not be comfortable with a stranger, you need to check something out, they are bothered with another animal that happened to find its way into the backyard, and a lot more. The point is that these are not the usual barkers, but they do; it’s got to be something serious.

They are Temperamental Kinds

Temperamental does not automatically mean that an Akita has a temper, and they are generally mean. However, they will display a temperament where you find them headstrong and stubborn. They like to control and become grumpy when their owners don’t let them do what they want. When they feel threatened or challenged, they can become aggressive, but according to the experts at Dog Academy, this can be softened with the proper training.

The Prey is Often Small Animals

You may have a yard where squirrels or small cats are often seen. You may think nothing of this at first but begin worrying when there’s an Akita around. This breed will chase and prey on animals, and it’s best if you could keep them from hunting and preying on small animals. For the information of many owners, their hamsters and little kitties may be the next meal of the day, so they should never take any chances.

These Canines May Become Aggressive

The Akitas are revered during feudalism in Japan, and they served as watchdogs that guard their owners against enemies. This is why they have aggressiveness in nature, and they are always wary of other animals and strangers. 

This aggressiveness doesn’t mean that they will go out and attack every other animal and humans out there. However, if there’s unfair treatment and they know that they are being threatened, their aggressive side will show, which you should watch out for.

Read more about instances of aggression here

Not Ones to Share their Food

Akitas are very gentle and loving to their pet parents but not necessarily to other dogs in the house. They are not keen on sharing, and they can become possessive. It’s essential to keep them away from other animals that may wander on their food bowls. Keep the children off their food bowls and display a little aggressiveness if they see others munching up their lunches.

They are the Alpha Kind

It would be best if you were very firm but patient when you have an Akita. They don’t hesitate to display their power and dominance as the alpha of the pack, requiring another dominant owner to handle them. Additionally, they won’t do very well if they were mixed with the canines of the same sex. You need to have both the male and female inside the house to prevent issues.

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