Timeline Of Oracle Corporation Through Technological Innovation & Progress Over The Years

Timeline Of Oracle Corporation Through Technological Innovation & Progress Over The Years

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1977 Year of Inception –

Cofounder of Oracle Corporation & one of the richest, self-made billionaire, Lawrence Joseph Larry Ellison asserts,“I believe people have to follow their dreams—I did.”  Dreams did come true for three Silicon Valley Software Engineers; Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates. In 1977, experienced programmers, Larry, Bob and Ed established a consulting company called Software Development Laboratories (SDL), having the CIA as their first client. With a timeframe of 2 years, the trio was assigned the task of building Oracle, a special code named database program which was inspired by an IBM journal article.

1979 RSI lauches its first product, ‘Oracle’ – 

After the early completion of the project, the well versed programmers continue to work on new databases. To highlight the software services based platform, SDL was renamed to Relational Software Inc (RSI). After surveying the market, the Cofounders decided to target the minicomputers sector and designed a compatible program which was supported by IBM’s structured query language (SQL). According to the Cofounders, firstly the unattempted & developing minicomputer market was relatively new and secondly its rival, competitor company had a different target marketplace.

In July 1979, Oracle was launched as the first product of RSI. With Oracle’s increased flexibility over the existing, expensive networking, the RSI product becomes an instant hit with the customers.

1982 ‘Oracle Corporation’ Comes into Existence –

Over the span of three years, RSI continues to grow and develop customer oriented databases focused on strategic portability and compatibility. With RSI’s employed programmers busy in coding and testing new versions of Oracle databases, the company now begins to work under Oracle Corporation.

1983-1990 ‘Rise of the Multinational Empire’ –

Oracle continues to build and release new & improved databases that will define the future of open-architecture based IT systems. From 1983 till 1990, a wide range of product databases and services are launched in the market, namely Version 3 (Compatible & Portable), Version 4 (Pervasive), Version 5 (Beginning of client/server revolution), Version 5.1 (Distributed Computing), launch of applications division, Version 6 (Row-level locking), featured in Standard & Poor’s Index and starts to serve at customer sites.

1991-2000 Climbing the ladder of success –

With trained professionals and astute leaders, Oracle Corporation continues to capture the budding computing environment with its upgraded, quality refined and user friendly products. Till the millennium, the now tech pioneering company releases Oracle 7, the first vendor to launch a media server with tools for managing and delivering multimedia applications, introduction of internet vision, IT going universal, Oracle8i based Web technologies and foundation of integrated enterprise.

2001-2010 Empire continues to flourish –

After making a mark in the techno savvy business industry, Oracle reaches new heights by growing with the information age. By now, the Oracle Corporation successfully offers services to its large clientele base all over the world. Speed, agility, fusion and internet dominance is incorporated in its products. In 2009, Oracle becomes #1 in the middle tier, ranking among the fastest growing business enterprises. Another notch to its post is acquisition of Sun Microsystems thereby transforming the IT scenario for upcoming years.

2011-2018 Oracle continues to flourish –

The 21st century wired world has completely evolved since 1977 and Oracle Corporation has come a long way. The factors behind its success is the futuristic governance by its CEO and digitally trained programmers and developers. Right from its innovative relational databases in 1978 to its current Cloud based storage platform 2018, the Redwood City based American multinational computer corporation has successfully catered the best services to the business industry. Today, Oracle is one of the top five companies of the global technological landscape. For the upcoming years, users need to patiently wait and watch over its latest and grandest offerings.



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