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Your Guide to Planning an Event with the Right AV Equipment

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The kinds of events held nowadays are indeed a far cry from events in the past, with a lot of virtual events and the proliferation of hybrid events. There have been all sorts of online attendees and those that have attended in person – but one thing’s for sure – whatever kind of event you have, it is more important than ever to consider your audio-visual needs. Whether you are planning a hybrid event, a completely virtual one, or an in-person event, your AV needs and requirements will be different for each. And truth be told, if you are hosting a virtual event, your needs will be more significant – you will, for instance, require a bigger budget for more equipment, staff, and updated software. But what does it take to plan an event with AV equipment in mind? Here’s your guide to planning an event with the right AV equipment.

Determine your approach

First, you need to determine your approach. For instance, will you be holding an event in person or hosting a hybrid event? One way you can determine your approach is to consider your attendees – in other words, do a survey. If many of your attendees don’t like the idea of returning to a standard, face-to-face affair, then you can hold a hybrid or virtual event. It’s essential to think about the requirements and preferences of your audience – and it will, of course, help you decide what you need in terms of AV equipment, resources, and tools – and make your event a success.

Look at the venue

The next thing you should do is look at your venue. The venue should be chosen as carefully as possible because there are several things you need to consider. First, look at the capacity of the venue. Secondly, you need to find out if your chosen venue has the required equipment; if not; you might be able to rely on an AV hire partner who can provide what you need. Also, consider the venue’s bandwidth capability if you ever need to live stream a portion or segment of your event. By speaking with an AV vendor, you can then determine what equipment you may need, your production requirements, and whatnot – so you can bring your vision and event to fruition and consider all your attendees’ needs, regardless of where they are.

If you are having an in-person event, which many companies are having now that there are no longer any restrictions, there are some vital AV equipment you would need – and the list includes everything from microphones to a sound system and lighting system, a mixer board, video cameras, laptop or desktop PCs, a podium, an electrical supply, a projector, a screen/s, and lots of staff and technicians. If you are doing a live stream of your event, there are additional requirements – including a reliable platform dedicated to live streaming and extra cameras and support staff who will do the recording.

It’s also crucial to set an appointment with your chosen AV partner prior to the event because you may need production prepared in advance. For example, there need to be rooms where you can have live-streamed sessions or meetings, and you may want to pre-record content, especially for attendees who cannot attend the event in person.

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