The new horizon of IT outsourcing – Are the boundaries extending to outsourcing core and advanced business areas?

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To survive to new realities, trends and emerging technologies, enterprises are seeking to innovate. They wish to move into areas that can help them differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage. The outsourcing areas are getting more specialized. Read more.

It wasn’t long ago that lack of capacity or capability were the two major driving forces for the prolific growth of the outsourcing market. It was typical scenario wherein enterprises opted to outsource could not afford to scale up their infrastructure or could not meet the resource requirement for a business need.

However, the dynamics are changing. The scope of outsourcing is expanding to much more.

It’s not new fort the global IT market to be undergoing changes. The next gen technologies will change a lot of things for almost every industry. Every organization must be aware of the IT trends that will change the IT outsourcing landscape.

The following list encapsulates some of the things that are expanding the scope of IT outsourcing.

  • Modernization of legacy system

IT systems suffer performance and usability issues over a period. As user demands change and market dynamics change, the legacy system is unable to meet the requirements of users and business. It is recommended to modernize the entire or a part of the IT system depending on how inefficient the current system has become. An outsourcing partner, with a high level of expertise and skill, can help modernize the IT system for optimal performance and security.

  • Opt for Automation

Automation does not imply a complete overhaul of your current system (or robots replacing employees as some people might believe). There are many enterprises that are seeking process automation to boost their efficiency and reduce their costs. If you partner with an outsourcing partner with expertise in automation, they can provide significant amount of cost savings. You can focus on core areas of expertise as the outsourcing partner can automate your repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of basic tasks. For example, basic clerical operations can be managed with RPA. It’s prone to lesser human errors, inaccuracy and is capable of doing  large amount of work in a shorter time than what humans will do.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

There is a massive adoption of IoT in all industries. More and more enterprises are exploring or expanding their IoT capabilities. 10 billion new devices and connections are expected to be connected to global IP networks. To build their forte in the area, enterprises are opting to outsource this super specialized area of expertise. IT outsourcing providers can help you to create new IoT enabled applications and devices.

  • Big Data

Big Data has been around for some time, but enterprises have now started to use it to store massive number resources that can help them make informed decisions. Big data is also significant in helping enterprises market their products better and improve their operations. It can help you gather patterns and behaviors related to your customers so that you can offer better solutions to them. Big data outsourcing companies can help compile data and drive insights from it for higher operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Augmented Reality

AR or Augmented Reality is not a new term for you. In simple terms, it takes the world around and adds virtual content on top of it. It is an engaging and exciting way to gives a unique user experience with a fluid and rich 3D rich experience. Enterprises are using AR specialists to get to the next level in digital leadership.

  • Mobile-first

The mobile-first strategy ensures that your brand is discoverable on smartphones and tablets. It’s a leading UX design and development trend that is likely to stay for a few years from now. It makes sense to outsource such a specialized requirement to a professional who can devise a comprehensive strategy for your business need to accelerate your business growth.

  • Agility

For enterprises seeking an accelerated time to market their new products and services, agile methodology enables better productivity. Enterprises have hugely benefited from bringing together software development outsourcing with the agile philosophy for several benefits like increased predictability, enhanced software quality, better alignment of IT and business and improved productivity.

  • Security

Security is a huge concern as hackers think of new ways of finding vulnerabilities in your system. Enterprises are using outsourcing companies for security-as-a-service to eradicate possible data breach challenges. The service can protect you from a constant non-stop threat from cyber criminals, quick action in case of possible attacks and expertise of certified cyber professionals to protect enterprises data.

The key to thrive in this competitive business environment is to master the emerging technology avenues. Outsourcing can help extend this capacity and help win against competitors.

ISHIR, as an organization, truly believes what Jeff Bezos says that ‘What’s dangerous is not to evolve’. The tech world is getting stirred with new tech trends set to rule the global marketplace, and we are more than prepared as a trusted partner as the IT outsourcing is expanding.



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