The Best Companies to watch for 2022

After years of being considered an illegal substance, Marijuana has been re-evaluated as a medically relevant substance with health benefits. Presently, medical Marijuana is used for the treatment of various ailments from cancer to chronic pain.Founded in 2015, Etain Health secured one of the original five medical marijuana licenses in New York. The company specializes in the knowledge of Medical Marijuana and elevating its medicinal properties for manufacturing high-quality products.
Terra Group
Terra Group: Creating Sustainable and Design-Driven Communities
The current generation strives for change that is blended with ...
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TeleRay: Cutting-Edge Telehealth Platform offering HIPAA-Compliant Communications
The global pandemic resulted in overwhelming concerns within every sector ...
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One IBC USA Inc.
One IBC USA Inc.: Reinventing the Service Industry through Innovation
Over the years, technological advancements and innovations have driven numerous ...
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One Two One Advisor
One Two One Advisor: Generating Holistic FinTech and InsurTech Solutions for Businesses
As the world transitioned into a digital environment due to ...
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Kilo Health
Kilo Health: Pioneering Digital Health and Wellness with Innovative Solutions
In today’s scenario, technology has tremendously facilitated numerous verticals of ...
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