The 10 Renowned Supply Chain Leaders 2022

The supply chain industry has been impacted significantly over the last couple of years with delays in production, component shortages, and delivery issues. This has resulted in a shortage of products and supplies at stores for consumers. Many companies have faced post-pandemic difficulties managing the manufacturing and distribution of their products causing huge increases in delivery costs.

Sheree Smiltnieks
Sheree Smiltnieks: Remolding the Supply Chain Industry with Cutting-edge Solutions
The pandemic has caused enormous disruption to the already stretched ...
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Sylvie Noel
Sylvie Noel: Emerging as an Epitome for Women in Procurement
One of the vital operational elements of an organization is ...
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Stephen Whyte
Stephen Whyte: A Leader Transforming the Food Supply Chain Industry
As the saying goes, “​Nothing in life goes in vain, ...
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Martin Hubert
Martin Hubert: Finding Smarter Ways To Solve Freight Challenges
Today, innovative tech solutions are emerging daily. With the integration ...
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FastFetch Corporation
John Peck: A Groundbreaking Leader in the Distribution and Logistics Industry
In the current COVID-19 crisis, we have witnessed empty shelves ...
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Richard Martin: A High-Tech Industry Veteran Champions Cloud-Based Solutions
The disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has affected every ...
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