Mahaveer Jain: A Trailblazer disrupting Supply Chain with Seamless Operations

Mahaveer Jain

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The supply chain industry has been impacted significantly over the last couple of years with delays in production, component shortages, and delivery issues. This has resulted in a shortage of products and supplies at stores for consumers. Many companies have faced post-pandemic difficulties managing the manufacturing and distribution of their products causing huge increases in delivery costs. In this difficult scenario, a few individuals have been successful in smoothening the process and keeping supply chain costs low for companies, and giving them a sense of stability. Mahaveer Jain (CEO, SourceSelect) is one such adept leader who has been propelling the industry with his transformative approach and relentless work ethic.

Strategic and Beneficial Foundation

Mahaveer pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from India and then migrated to the USA 35 years ago. At first, he served as a Network Software Engineer and later co-founded a startup named Spherelink Communications. A Seattle-based Aerospace company took over this company for nothing. All his efforts were in vain and because of this unsuccessful venture at Spherelink, he was burnt out. He then started assisting a software duplication company in which he had invested. Unfortunately, he lost all this investment as the company was permanently closed down. After that, he took the control of a new entity called SourceSelect that came out of the software duplication company.

Mahaveer briefs that he was struggling to meet the requirements and ends personally while managing the company with few clients. The turning point that changed his life and pushed him to start a venture was an article in Global Supply Chain Strategies magazine. This particular article talked about the huge percentage of revenues spent on Supply Chain Management. There, he was struck with the idea of morphing the business towards creating a cost-effective supply chain infrastructure for small and mid-sized businesses with which they could grow with minimum overheads. This strategy benefitted many customers and the roadmap Mahaveer created helped the company become one of the leaders in eCommerce fulfillment. 

Top-notch Solutions    

Source Select, Inc. was established in 1996 under Mahaveer’s leadership and since then, the company has grown organically and evolved from a software distribution company to an accomplished eCommerce business. Source Select is a Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL) that primarily creates and offers a cost-effective and seamless supply chain infrastructure for businesses to move their manufactured goods across the globe. The company provides exclusive solutions that include Warehousing, eCommerce Fulfillment (B2B and B2C to consumers), B2B to big retail stores, Kitting, Returns Management, and testing/rework. It helps companies focus on building new products and growing their businesses.

Surpassing Challenges       

When Mahaveer took charge of SourceSelect from the inside as one of the investors, the company had a number of issues including negative cash flow, legal issues with vendors, poor sales, and extremely unhappy investors. Despite these hassles, he had a strong feeling inside that he must embrace this God given gift as well as nurture and grow the company. He was inexperienced when he joined this company, however, decided to act in blind faith as he saw no other option at that time.

To keep the company going, he did everything in his ability and focused on what he can do each moment. There were numerous challenges—very little knowledge about business and financial and legal aspects of running a business. However, he leaned on the strong work ethic instilled by his parents and learned something new each day by solving problems that came in the way. Moreover, the spiritual practice he started in 1997 gave him inner strength and guided him to run the company. It also helped him to face challenges with a calm mind and to balance life simultaneously during this critical phase of his life.

Strategic Leader

Being at the helm of the company, Mahaveer shoulders many responsibilities. They include strategic direction, creating new partnerships, sales and marketing channels, global expansion, and tweaking systems consistently for optimal efficiency and harmony in the workplace. His remarkable achievements include being chosen as one of the Top 100 Supply Chain Companies in 2009, Global expansion to five countries in 2013, Managing the global supply chain for the 1st smartwatch maker in Pebble from 2013-2016, and relocating to Tracy in 2019 which has become the eCommerce hub for North America.

Harmony at Workplace

SourceSelect has a great team headed by Michael Pearson who runs the entire operations division. The company has an excellent supporting team including Rich—the Logistics Manager, Andrew—who is responsible for daily activities at the warehouse, Charisse—who leads the customer service team, and Sylvia—the manager of HR and Finance. “I have always believed in harmony at the workplace and seeing people enjoying what they do,” adds Mahaveer. According to him, the people the company hires should fit in as well as be reliable, flexible, and willing to help themselves and other people.   

Additionally, Mahaveer has created a system with measurable metrics for operational efficiency and a customer satisfaction index giving people a good environment to excel. Moreover, he has given the freedom to his management team to think, act, and work. The company consistently provides incentives, enhancing their skills through training and keeping their morale high. According to Mahaveer, the company provides a great place where people love to come to work.

Follow the Instincts  

Technology has changed how businesses operate tremendously today. Mahaveer has evolved and embraced technological changes over his 25 years as CEO of SourceSelect. It is the key for any leader to be flexible, adaptable, and willing to change in today’s environment. He further says that adapting to change is the hallmark of a dynamic leader and he is still learning to propel in his life. Mahaveer always has run and managed the company with his pure gut and instincts.

I have never followed any of the traditional practices companies have adopted in the Silicon Valley or elsewhere instead relied on hard work, taking actions by looking at realities in front of me,” adds Mahaveer. Though he took bad decisions and paid for them, he never asked anyone to do something that he hasn’t tried himself. As actions speak louder than words, he has always believed in earning the respect of people whether it’s employees, vendors, or customers by his actions.

Innovating the Supply Chain Industry  

SourceSelect is all about adding value to the customers with new services, warehouse automation, making the facility FDA certified for food grade is the latest. The company is increasingly helping more international businesses to distribute their products in the US market. It aims to continue to expand and serve customers globally. Mahaveer adds that he has been at a crossroads many times and holds a goal to figure out how he can use his experience and platform to make an impact on the world. Moreover, he plans himself on doing podcasts and sharing his spiritual way of operating a business at different venues and retreat centers.

Satisfied Clientage

SourceSelect works in numerous sectors including Consumer Electronics, Clothing & Footwear, Home & Kitchen appliance, Beauty & Personal Care, and Sports & Leisure. One of the happy clients of SourceSelect, The Hatch Team, has appreciated the ways of work and credits SourceSelect for their success. SourceSelect has been a huge part of our company’s growth since 2016 and we have grown significantly by partnering with over 10 major retailers. They have fantastic hard-working and proactive teams that are persistently finding ways to improve processes.

“SourceSelect’s flexibility and attention to detail have the hallmarks in getting the logistics for our business up and running. They have provided us not only top-notch service but expertise in freight management, particularly with our overseas needs.”


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