The 10 Prominent CEO Leaders 2021

Recently, there have been numerous revolutions in leadership practices, particularly due to changes in communication amongst the people. Social media has transformed the entire world for the better. This transformation indicates the two main pillars—communications and knowledge. Thus, today’s leaders are required to deliver duties to their team in a way thatThis completes the cycle of leadership where ….
Prabakar P. Selvam
Why Prabakar P. Selvam is a Mogul in the MES Industry?
The pace of commercial and technological changes dominating the 21st ...
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Tatiana Langseth
How Tatiana Langseth became a Maverick in the Mobile Software Industry?
A leader can always be looking at where the world ...
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Lindsey Myers
How Lindsey Myers became a Successful Solopreneur?
“White man with grey hair in an expensive suit,”—probably this ...
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Diane Keng
Diane Keng’s Journey from aspiring to Successful Entrepreneur
Though, many individuals venture into entrepreneurship, only a few make ...
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Arun K. Singh
Arun K. Singh’s Inspiring Journey from Security Research Professional to Leading Entrepreneur
The last couple of decades have been transformational for the ...
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