How Lindsey Myers became a Successful Solopreneur?

Lindsey Myers

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White man with grey hair in an expensive suit,”—probably this is how we think of a consultant. The consulting industry has predominantly been a male-dominated field. Women have been severely underrepresented at the top of consulting firms for a long period. However, the percentage of women at the top of consulting firms has been continuously increasing over the past few years.

In 2018, BCG’s research on the benefits of gender diversity found that companies with workforces and leadership teams that are balanced between men and women are more creative, innovative, and resilient; and that the women working in these companies have higher levels of engagement and ambition. Knowing the benefits of having the greatest possible diversity among their employees, several consulting companies have been working hard on being attractive employers for women over the past few years. Moreover, several new women leaders have also emerged that have taken the consulting landscape by storm.

Lindsey Myers (Founder at Concrete Blonde Consulting), is one such ambitious woman leader who has eradicated the prejudiced notion of male-dominated leadership in the consulting arena. A communications expert and a dynamic solopreneur, Lindsey has over 12 years of experience serving various industries such as consumer products and services, tech, lifestyle, hospitality, and nonprofit companies in NYC and the Hamptons luxury market. She is recognized as a strategic leader and has earned a track record of counseling clients, including Fortune 500 companies to increase profits, manage brand reputations, and gain market share. Driven by her enterprising spirit and innate understanding of consumer influence, she takes ownership of the business she supports and partners with clients.

I’ve always loved Entrepreneurship….

Lindsey has a degree in Communications with a concentration in PR from the Boston University. She started her career in a Boutique PR at East Hampton, NY called WordHampton Public Relations. Lindsey always loved entrepreneurship—which was one of the reasons she decided to start her career at a smaller firm and worked her way up the chain to equity partner.

However, it due to some circumstances that she decided to go out on her own. “We opened an office in NYC and when the other partners in the firm decided to close that location, I chose to stay in the city and go out on my own,” she adds. Consequently, Lindsey founded Concrete Blonde Consulting in November 2016 to pursue her passion for building reputations and revenues through business marketing strategies.

Marketing Solutions for Profit and Growth

Concrete Blonde Consulting is a full-service consulting and marketing firm in NYC that specializes in providing custom marketing solutions for profit and growth. By examining the clients’ business development pipeline, the company identifies new areas for growth, while also creating strategies to amplify current opportunities. Additionally, it provides a competitive media analysis, streamlines marketing campaigns, and builds additional sources of revenue.

The New York-based firm serves a variety of industries including consumer products and services, tech, lifestyle, hospitality, and nonprofit companies. As communication is rapidly changing, Concrete Blonde Consulting is continually transforming to harness the powers of both influencer and interaction. The company offers a variety of tools from third-party PR endorsements to social influencer campaigns to reach consumers and drive business. It partners with its clients to unearth their core business goals and creates bespoke strategic marketing plans with benchmarks to chart its progress and target its methods.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver solutions for both profit and growth,” says Lindsey. She has been an integral part of the company’s growth since its inception. While Lindsey has a team of talented professionals who handle various tasks that she outsources or uses for white-labeling services, she is responsible for all aspects of the client relationship.

Finding a Way Out

The pandemic altered the global business landscape in many ways. According to Lindsey, the biggest change since the pandemic is that leadership has become more empathetic to the needs of their employees. She believes that talented people are hard to find and need to be nurtured. “Especially during these unprecedented times, I believe it’s even more important to be aware that you never know what is going behind someone else’s screen,” she continues.

Adapting to the need of the hour, business leaders had to make the necessary changes to help their company thrive. During these uncertain times, Lindsey made some obvious decisions. First and foremost, she took care of the company’s esteemed clients. Moreover, identifying the industries that would thrive during these conditions, she focused Concrete Blonde Consulting’s business goals on those areas.

This is the Time for Leadership….

Despite the havoc caused by the pandemic in 2020, Lindsey has high hopes for 2021. According to her, the leadership in the U.S. is focused on getting the pandemic under control, working to restore the economy, and return the country to normal life swiftly. “I believe we are going to come out of this crisis even stronger than we were before,” she adds.

Lindsey further mentions that it is important for companies to be leaders in the community particularly when it comes to issues like sustainability, climate change, gender and racial equality, and benefits. She asserts that businesses will have an important role to play in helping to bring progress to society and this is the time for leadership.

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