How Tatiana Langseth became a Maverick in the Mobile Software Industry?

Tatiana Langseth

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A leader can always be looking at where the world is going and trying to figure out how to get their company and the customers to that new place as efficiently as possible. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the pace of the transformation that was already increasing significantly. The disruptions caused due to the pandemic have demanded changes in leadership styles. As we move towards the post-pandemic world, leaders hold the key for organizations to thrive.

Speaking about the changes in leadership approach during the pandemic, Tatiana Langseth (Founder and CEO at Augaroo) asserts, “I think as leaders, we will need to operate more quickly and deal with faster-cycle change that has been experienced before. The economic boom that we see in the 2020s may seem similar to the “roaring 20s” in the 1920s. That will open up many growth opportunities for companies that capitalize on that possibility and adapt quickly.

Tatiana is one of the prominent leaders in the Big Data and BI consulting industry. She graduated from the George Mason University in Virginia. After working in a variety of technology areas, she founded Augaroo in 2011 with an aim to serve customers in the big data and offshore engineering space.

Cutting-edge Services and Solutions

Incepted in 2011, Augaroo provides mobile, augmented reality, and big data software applications. The company did important research and early development in the emerging space of Augmented Reality, including the launch of one of the first Augmented Reality games—Arball. “Augmented and Virtual realities are starting to become commercially and technologically possible— this area has evolved significantly since 2011,” comments Tatiana. The company creates amazing products for itself as well as works with various companies in different industries to apply the latest technologies to meet their big data and software development needs.

Augaroo specializes in diverse solutions with multiple levels of complexity and size across a host of technology and industry verticals such as—energy, telecommunications, retail, marketing, federal civilian agencies, and security. Its teams—Headquartered in Washington DC and CA, and with multiple offices in Ukraine—have extensive experience in all aspects of development. Augaroo has two divisions namely Augmented Reality/Mobile Development—where it builds products for itself and consulting—where it helps other companies with their development needs.

The company provides the best combination of onshore/offshore resources to match its customers’ enterprise and operations cultures, technical environment, and product requirements. When it comes to BI, Big Data, Data Warehousing & Architecture, Data Modeling, Mobile Development, and Custom Development, Augaroo’s team brings their knowledge, expertise, and creativity, as well as a unique approach and thoughtful methodology.

Talking about factors that set Augaroo apart from its peers, Tatiana states, “We keep the founders of our company involved in customer engagements, which allows us to advise our customers more deeply. This is different from some of our competitors that focus on large volumes of resources.”

Emphasizing Continuous Improvement

Today, technology is changing rapidly, particularly in the software development industry. Thus, newer engineers want to focus their careers on the technologies of the future and have low interest in working on anything based on older technologies. Tatiana believes that it is a challenge to combine the old with the new, and always focus on continuous improvement and refactoring of older systems using the latest technologies and approaches.

The consulting approach has also changed with the changes in technology. Tatiana spends a lot of time with Augaroo’s existing or new customers to advise them on their engineering approach as well as product strategy. “As the cloud technology world advances so quickly, it is important to make sure we are building systems with them that will serve their needs well into the future,” she adds.

A Nimble Shift

The pandemic posed numerous financial and operational challenges for numerous organizations across the globe. The concept of remote working—which was introduced way before the onset of the pandemic—rose to prominence during the pandemic. While some companies found it hard to shift their operations virtually, some did it seamlessly. Augaroo was the latter one as it did most of its work remotely even before the pandemic.

For Augaroo, the new normal made some meetings easier as there was less of an expectation that anyone would be traveling anywhere, and customers are now more accustomed to remote working than they were in the past. Tatiana adds that this has put resources in a position where they can participate equally in the success of their respective projects regardless of where they are located in the world and that has been a very positive development.

A Steep Rise in Demand

Tatiana expects a rapid economic recovery in 2021 and believes that the shortage of technical talent will get even deeper and harder. She also anticipates that there could be a blip in the graduation of new technical talent around the world. As the recovery progresses very quickly, she believes that Augaroo’s customers will increase the work they do very quickly and it will be a good challenge for the company to respond to their needs.

Tatiana has been immensely contributing to the success of the company since its inception. However, since Augaroo is one of the industry leaders in its segment presently, she also finds some time to spend on various angel investments and advising the founders of other companies in their formative times.

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