Arun K. Singh’s Inspiring Journey from Security Research Professional to Leading Entrepreneur

Arun K. Singh

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The last couple of decades have been transformational for the global business landscape as it has evolved radically with many new innovations as well as setbacks like the recent pandemic. As organizations adapt to new ideas and unprecedented circumstances, it is bound to affect leadership styles as well. Who better than a veteran leader, who has himself evolved significantly over the years, to let us understand this change. Arun K. Singh, the CEO and Member of the Board at Ilantus Technologies.

Arun has been a part of the IT industry for three decades and has witnessed the leadership model in the IT industry evolve significantly, from a traditional hierarchical model to purpose-driven transformative leadership. He started his career as a security research professional and later moved on to building and driving cybersecurity businesses globally.

Initially, his fascination for cybersecurity began during his Masters of Technology course, when he opted for a course in cryptography which truly inspired him, leading to an entire professional career focused on cybersecurity.  The turning point of his career was when he built a new business from scracth at Accenture. He explained, “During that time, I gained a deeper knowledge of cybersecurity challenges faced by clients, understood the dynamics of the global marketplace, and managed a diverse team of professionals across the world.” Working with such big corporations gave him the required skills and confidence to venture into his entrepreneurial journey. Today, he is the CEO and Member of Board of Ilantus Technologies, and as a leader, he focuses on driving innovation at a rapid pace to constantly differentiate their product in the marketplace.

Combining Unique Expertise and Skillsets

Founded in 2000, Ilantus Technologies is backed by over two decades of extensive experience and deep insight gained from thousands of IAM implementations for some of the biggest brands in the world including Fortune 500 companies.

Today, Ilantus is a market leader in the domain of Identity and Access Management, with their flagship solution Compact Identity that offers a cloud-native, risk-aware, Converged IAM solution built on a Zero Trust Framework to provide an identity-centric holistic cybersecurity solution to clients. Currently, it is the only product in the market that offers a full suite of Access Management, Authentication, Identity Governance and Administration, Privileged Access Management and Identity Analytics capabilities in a single platform.

Arun adds, “Ilantus’ Compact Identity is known for its innovative features and simplicity, driving superior ROI, and exceptional user adoption rates. It is well recognized by leading industry analysts Gartner & KuppingerCole.”

Guiding Light for Ilantus

A successful and constantly growing organization requires entrepreneurial skills in its leader to define the vision, take the right risks to set up the business, and drive continuous innovation to stay ahead of the competition. For Ilantus, the leadership team is the guiding light behind innovation, customer-centricity, and culture. As CEO, Arun ensures that he creates an environment that makes the world’s best cybersecurity professionals aspire to work for Ilantus and attract customers globally to do business with the company. Presently, he is working towards accelerated growth and will also be looking to raise the required growth capital to catapult sales and marketing to create a stronger global brand.

Evolution of the Cybersecurity Industry

Currently, the cybersecurity industry has gained a lot of attention to itself. With the pandemic accelerating the shift to remote working, the next generation of advanced threats is going to be exponential, automated, and multidimensional in nature. Most of the companies focused on the cybersecurity domain are taking an isolated view to combat cybercrimes. The current challenge is to provide a cost-effective holistic solution to clients to protect their high-value information assets.

Based on the profound customer insight achieved in the last two decades, Ilantus Technologies is exploring opportunities to enhance the overall maturity of cybersecurity for its clients, using an identity centric approach to create a risk-aware “Digital Fabric” powered by Compact Identity to protect critical data assets seamlessly on cloud or on-premise.

Modern Security Measures

The global health emergency created an unprecedented demand for a massive increase in remote working and WFH environment. The biggest question Ilantus faced was — do we have the right visibility of all users and devices connecting to the corporate network? Moreover, not just users, IoT, mobile devices, and BYOD disrupted normal visibility. Remote working required employees to use new cloud-based collaboration tools, potentially re-using corporate user credentials to access less secure services.

COVID-19 changed the narrative of security measures where traditional security measures became less effective. In the new normal, identity became the new firewall and Ilantus is well-positioned to not only automate the user life-cycle process but provide an automated way to certify each user and device on the network.  Ilantus solutions allowed customers to verify a user or device identity based on life history, biometrics, and other factors before granting them access to systems. This allowed Ilantus to provide mature security controls for high-value corporate assets and protect them well.

Exploring New Opportunities

Growth prospects are looking very promising for Ilantus. Research indicates that there will be massive increase in cloud adoption across the globe that will offer immense opportunities to gain a larger market share with a big surge in demand for Converged IAM solutions in 2021. Arun concludes, “We estimate that more customers will be looking for SaaS Delivered, Converged IAM solutions in the near future because identity and access management is almost mandatory in today’s Covid influenced business landscape and other products in the market are not attractive enough due to cost, integration and vendor management complexities involved.”

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