The 10 Most Revolutionary AR-VR Leaders of 2023

Christian Glessner is an accomplished CEO and co-founder of Hololux GmbH, an innovation agency that specializes in developing cutting-edge solutions for businesses exploring emerging technologies. 

Carlos Franco
Fyware: Expanding the Reality through Digital Tools
The start of the pandemic hinted at shutdowns for uncalculated ...
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Roberto Carpinteyro
Roberto Carpinteyro: A Strategic Problem Solver and a Successful Brand Builder
In the early 90s, marketing was not as much evolved ...
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Ran Craycraft
Ran Craycraft: How to Fail Your Way to CEO
Tired of the same old digital campaigns and reskinned apps, ...
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Arvind Ghorwal
Arvind Ghorwal: An Experienced Campaigner in VR Storytelling Style
Every entrepreneur’s journey is unique in its own, but what ...
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