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The start of the pandemic hinted at shutdowns for uncalculated time. No one had witnessed the whole world shutting down for months. The situation was alarming, and apart from health concerns the economic uncertainty was at an all-time high. The wheels stopped churning for almost 6 months, which means for 6 months there was no manufacturing, investments, or sales. However, the cloud started to shed a little with businesses reopening gradually and everyone adapting to the new normal. One key highlight of this period was that the adoption of digital tools was significantly increased. Businesses started exploring digital options to thrive in these trying times.

AR and VR industry has never before witnessed such high demand as it did with the start of 2021. Companies have realized the potential of these digital tools and how effective will they prove for the business. However, Carlos Franco sensed the potential way ahead and established Fyware on September 20, 2017. The company is on a mission to help the clients obtain greater benefits by leveraging extended reality technologies. The team of Fyware aims to be the clients’ first choice, and exceed their expectations by providing innovative and creative solutions by using AR-VR tech.

Initially, like any other start-up, the company lacked investments and the growth had to be very careful with no loss of finance. To ensure this, Carlos himself undertook most of the initial tasks. Soon, the company started to grow and clients began to acquire the services, leading to the expansion of Fyware. Today, Fyware has grown into a team of 25 employees with a presence in countries like Mexico, U.S., Chile, and Germany. Fyware has received several awards and recognition in its journey and was recently awarded as the “AR Innovators of the Year, 2021”.

In our interview with Carlos Franco, the Founder of Fyware, he has discussed the leading experiences of the AR and VR industry, while also enlightening us about the industry insights. Read it here,

Why should one choose to incorporate Fyware’s AR-VR tools?

Firstly, Fyware has experience working on varied projects like industrial scope, entertainment, education, visualization of scenarios, and real estate visualization, among others. In the industrial sector, Fyware has focused on training and industrial drills whose costs are much lower than creating a similar situation in a real environment. Training for material movements, manufacturing processes, assembly, quality, maintenance, safety and hygiene, ergonomics, training in general, etc.

What are the different challenges that Fyware is currently witnessing are there any strategies you would like to outline?

Presently, there are different challenges in the different areas of the company, from working with a younger and more vibrant generation to introducing the technology to companies that have been working the same way for the last couple of decades and recent pandemic consequences. Also, considering the competitive landscape we are always working on innovative ways of motivating and praising success, breaking out of traditional HR, and empowering our co-workers to take charge and ownership of projects. Showcasing technology to Dinosaur companies is even challenging and allows us to help them transition into digital environments in a better and wholesome manner.

Addressing the pandemic, did the outbreak have adverse effects on Fyware’s operations?

Yes, to an extent, we did face challenges. COVID-19 budget cuts became a problem as well because as we mentioned before, the economic uncertainty slowed down sales for new clients. To solve these challenges we were required to innovate and adapt our solutions to COVID friendly applications that required no contact, for example using hand tracking software or AR interactions to avoid health risks with our customers.

Hand tracking software seems like an interesting innovation. Could you let us know about the different innovations Fyware has implemented throughout the years?

As much of what is developed in AR/VR is innovation, we could consider finding these new methods of interactions, for example, hand tracking, interface designing, sensor, camera, or PLC integration into VR processes a part of innovation. We have also experimented with bringing industrial sensors or hardware into different markets as entertainment and Construction visualization. Moreover, Fyware is usually innovating into finding solutions our customers might need to solve their specific problems. This is as challenging as it sounds because it means connecting two different systems and integrating them accordingly with our technology.

So, how would you describe your clients’ reaction to the solutions offered by the company?

Our vision is to exceed their expectations, and so far our clients have expressed howproud and surprised they are with the solution we created for them and with them. Fyware is always helping the client through the digital transition. This help philosophy has helped us earn our loyal client base who is grateful for our transparent method of working. To summarize, if we don’t achieve that ‘WOW’ expression after working with us, we know that something is missing, and up to the moment in my opinion we have successfully achieved this goal.

What are your current projects and how does it impact Fyware’s future?

Our innovation department is currently working on different projects that will impact different markets, as one could expect most of them are at the moment confidential, but clients can expect to see more excellent AR-VR content from our side. As for the future is concerned, Fyware expects to triple its 2020 revenue and to continue its expansion internationally.

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