The 10 Most Admired Business Women, 2021

Abridging several existing gender barriers, women are presently emerging as leaders in various fields. They are globally eliminating gender-based stereotypes by setting gender-neutral affirmations across sectors such as sports, business, and many more.
Nicole Rodrigues
Nicole Rodrigues: A Pragmatic Leader Positively Shattering Gender-Role Stereotypes

In the current business landscape, women are thriving in executive …

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Melody Hossaini
Melody Hossaini: Re-building the post-covid world through Developing People and their Mindset

Gender disparity in the workplace has been a serious topic …

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Janice L. Quigg
Janice L Quigg: Personifying Higher Executive Leadership with Encompassing Skills

Today, businesswomen are securing higher executive roles in the industrial …

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Elena Price
Elena Price: Steering Success with Paramount Leadership

Leadership is not inherited but learned and attained with time. …

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