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Elena Price

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Leadership is not inherited but learned and attained with time. To be a leader is to lead the team through all sorts of obstructions and odds in every sphere of life. It hardly matters what community/gender/race someone hails from as long as the person is recognized as an excellent leader. In the current era, women have been ushering the industrial and business spheres as dynamic leaders. They are not only marking their positions at the forefront of these sectors but are also steering profound growth in every possible arena.

With a highly encompassing vision and proliferative mindset, women leaders are proving themselves as more successful and agile in the industrial domains. Be it as the CEO or any other executive role, women are surpassing gender stereotypes and dominance to prove their authority and caliber in the industry.

One such chief example of paramount leadership is portrayed by Elena Price (Premier Associate/Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker). As an independent contractor, Elena is a certified marketing and relocation specialist. Moreover, she is a designated seller’s agent and is well recognized as a licensed broker in MA and RI. She also is a member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board.

In a recent conversation with Mirror Review, Elena shed light upon the various domains of leadership, unique solutions offered by the company, future aspects of being a female leader, and many more. Here are the snippets from the profound conversation. 

What distinguishes Coldwell Banker from its competitors?

Established in the 1920s, Coldwell Banker is a long-established and respected real estate company. It connects you to the latest local listing information, comprehensive neighborhood data, and local market experts who understand what it takes to help you reach your real estate goals. The company has been serving both national and international markets.

Coldwell Banker offers cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing. Properties are advertised on hundreds of websites, and targeted online listing notifications ensure maximum exposure to potential buyers and real estate agents across all major platforms. Professional photography provides unsurpassed digital and print brochures, postcards, and eblasts.

As a prominent figure in the company, can you brief us about your roles and responsibilities at the company?

Although affiliated with Coldwell Banker, I am an independent contractor and responsible for establishing and maintaining my own business. I strive to provide the best service for my clients that includes accurate real-time data as well as direct knowledge of the industry. I also believe in conducting my business with professionalism and inculcate the highest of ethical behavior so that my clients are comfortable in trusting me with their business.

Being affiliated with Coldwell Banker has allowed me to leverage their resources and expertise in providing services to clients with high-level professionalism and ethical standards. The company strives to remain current through its technology and marketing materials as well as its methods of running the business.

According to you, what essential qualities make a leader unique?

The ability to know when to listen and learn from a situation. A leader also recognizes that it is important to delegate when appropriate. It is essential for a leader to harbor self-motivation. I always look at all of my past experiences with an attitude of how I can learn from them. 

Moreover, remaining centered and open to ideas to take away will not only enhance my business but will also improve my performance. Setting examples are important and additionally, exhibiting diligence, empathy, and a positive attitude.

Being an independent women leader, what are your thoughts on gender disparity in the industry? How do you think they have changed over the course of time?

For as long as I can remember, our industry has always been composed of both men and women. Each gender, be it men or women, has a different perspective to offer along with beholding varied talents. However, according to me, more women enter into the field initially considering that there will be flexibilities of schedule. I would like to see more people, men, and women, enter into this field with an intention of building a true career. 

Currently, there are now several upgraded trends in the field such as virtual assistants, virtual staging, and others, which are offered by technological advancements. Some of these truly help to make tasks easier and keep organized. Others assist by means of enhancing properties through photography and overall marketing of properties.

Yes, I have planned to inculcate the latest technological trends into the company’s business operations. I will be incorporating these trends as long as there is a cost-benefit to the client as well as myself. 

If given the authority, what changes would you like to introduce in the industry?

Being an independent contractor, it is important to ensure our industry and our leaders are committed to serving our clients with accurate data and a level of professionalism. The lack of professionalism or seriousness ultimately puts the clients at a disadvantage. 

Additionally, for some, there needs to be a better understanding and comprehension of what the job and its associated requirements are necessary to be truly successful in the field. 

Would you like to convey any message to our women readers?

We are responsible only to ourselves. The way we portray ourselves in the business sector is extremely important. This helps in determining how others will react or respond to us. Moreover, it is also essential to remaining hardworking.

Elena Price

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