Janice L Quigg: Personifying Higher Executive Leadership with Encompassing Skills

Janice L. Quigg

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Today, businesswomen are securing higher executive roles in the industrial sector and increasing or broadening gender diversity within business leadership. Women leaders not only encourage wide gender inclusion in the industrial sector but many also deliver a higher level of success with their strong emotional intelligence and leadership attributes. Moreover, they also eliminate gender stereotypes, particularly within the male-dominated industrial sectors, with their encompassing skills and abilities. 

Being a leader within a male-dominated industry like the construction industry is a huge achievement for women. Although the construction industry continues to be male-dominated, progress has been marked in terms of an increase in women-owned contracting companies—with more women entering the field at all levels.

One example of compassionate leadership and remarkable achievement in the construction industry is portrayed by Janice L. Quigg (Executive Vice President/General Counsel at Dependable Group of Companies). Janice reflects the persona of a strong leader fulfilling higher-executive roles and is considered an inspiration for many women. 

Janice had been practicing as a construction law litigator for most of her private practice law career and was looking for a change. In 2019, she secured the position of in-house counsel at Dependable, however, her position quickly expanded to a senior leadership role. Janice became more involved in risk management, contract review, and team-building, and was promoted to the position of Executive Vice President/General Counsel shortly thereafter in 2021. Her promotion is further evidence of the strides made by the construction industry in promoting women to leadership positions.

Mirror Review recently had the opportunity to indulge in a conversation with Janice during which she defined her role at Dependable and elaborated on the various facets of women leadership within the industry. Following are some snippets from the insightful conversation.

Could you walk us through the establishment of the company and its current preposition?

Dependable’s success story began with Raj Ahuja (Founder and President) working from his home office and employing minimal employees. Since then, the company has expanded with its’ beautiful new office located in Woodbridge, Ontario in March. Moreover, it has expanded its team to include over 200 qualified, experienced professionals. 

What are the various services and solutions offered by Dependable Group of Companies? Can you elaborate about the team of Dependable?

Dependable can manage almost any project with its experienced team and formidable facilities and has worked on many high-profile projects. These include projects such as the Metrolinx Go East Regional Bus facility, a new flight training facility for Air Canada, the Union Pearson Express platform and lounge, and the C-17 hangar facility at the Trenton Air Force Base. Dependable is currently the prime mechanical and electrical contractor for the Kennedy Station on Eglinton Avenue—one of Crosslinx’s most significant projects to date. 

Dependable’s team includes a wide array of professionals. These include project managers, estimators, project coordinators, plumbers, electricians, pipefitters, sheet metal mechanics, refrigeration mechanics, gas fitters, apprentices, and commissioning engineers. Dependable’s sheet metal fabrication shop adds to the uniqueness and effectiveness of the company as a contractor and offers custom fabrication for the sheet metal installations of its clients.

Being such a crucial element of the leader board, how do you define your roles and responsibilities at the company?

Being at the helm, my roles and responsibilities include litigation, contract review, risk management, conflict management, and corporate training. 

My most favorite part of being a leader is that it allows me to work closely with team members. I am a people person and I love helping others succeed. 

What according to you are the most popular technological trends of this year? Are you planning to incorporate them into your company’s business operations?

One of the most widely adopted technological trends of the year was the continuation of the construction industry reducing paper and increasing digital forms etc. to track progress on projects, changes and health and safety.

Yes. We have an in-house team that continuously builds on technological advances and develops new ones. For example, Dependable has created its’ own cutting-edge internal system to track projects digitally.

What makes you a unique leader within the industry?

There are several skills which a leader must possess to excel in the industrial sector. I am a heart-centred leader who is passionate about law, business, construction, personal development and the creation of an exceptional corporate culture. I am a good teacher, listener, lifelong learner, and trainer in conflict resolution. I am also recognized as a best-selling author. 

If given the authority, what are the three things you would like to change in the industry?

If offered the opportunity, I would introduce the following three changes in the construction industry: 

  • Attract more women into the industry;
  • Reduce some of the tensions between the usual contractual provisions agreed to by the parties and the realities of the construction industry;
  • Improve the skill level in terms of conflict resolution which would significantly increase the profitability of particular projects and businesses in general.

As a higher executive business leader, what message would you convey to our women readers?

I would encourage you to follow your dreams. The key is to determine what your goals are and then to methodically map out a plan to achieve them. I teach women the science behind achieving their goals which makes it much more likely that they will achieve them!

Janice L Quigg

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